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Quadra-Fire wood stove and fireplace replacement interior and exterior parts. This category will include replacement snap discs (limit switches), baffle assembly, loading door bumpers/stoppers, door closing magnet, ceramic fiberboard, and the ceramic blanket (known as kaowool).

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If your Quadra-Fire wood stove or fireplace insert has a blower fan, you will also have a snap disc that controls when that fan turns on and off. Depending on the model, there are varying types of snap discs, also referred to as a limit switch, that are in-line with the blower. Snap discs will vary in the size, mount style, and temperature range. Normally open, these snap discs will close once they reach the determined temperature and will automatically re-open when the temperature falls below the determined point. If your blower is coming on immediately or if it's not coming on at all once your stove is warmed up, we will want to inspect the snap disc. Learn more about snap discs and troubleshooting techniques in our videos below.

We currently offer the Isle Royal baffle assembly, 7100FP ceramic fire board baffle, ceramic fiber kaowool blanket, round door magnet, and top loading door rubber bumper stoppers for Quadra-Fire wood stoves. We are expanding our replacement parts, if there is an interior or exterior part you can't find, please contact us for further details.