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Quadra-Fire wood stove blowers and electrical replacement parts. Quadra-Fire wood stove convection blower fans, blower kits, rheostats, blower controls, power cords, and programmable thermostats. We are expanding our line of both OEM and aftermarket replacement part options for Quadra-Fire wood stove models. Please contact us for order requests.

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  • QuadraFire Programmable Wall Thermostat w/Wire, OEM

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  • QuadraFire & Heatilator EcoChoice Blower Control Box, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement Quadrafire, PelPro, Heatilator EcoChoice Power Cord, 120V

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  • Quadrafire, PelPro, Heatilator EcoChoice Power Cord, 120V, OEM

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    Quadrafire Adventure II & III BK-350 Blower Fan Kit W/Rheostat & Wire Harness, OEM

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  • Quadrafire 4100i, 5100i & Bodega Bay Insert Blower Fan, OEM

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  • QuadraFire & Heatilator Gas & Wood Stove Blower Speed Control Rheostat, OEM

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Quadra-Fire has several wood stoves and fireplace inserts in their line-up. Originally under the Aladdin Steel and Dovre manufacturing name, Quadra-Fire is now partnered with Hearth and Home Technologies (HHT). For more than three decades Quadra-Fire stoves and fireplace inserts have been recognized as best in class with a focus on efficiency, performance, and reliability.

Quadra-Fire has several different convection fans, also referred to as the distribution blower, depending on the model. The convection fan circulates room air forcing it through the heat exchange tubes and expelling the warm air into the room. It's important to regularly clean the impeller wheel or paddle on your blower; a dry paint brush and compressed air work wonders. As dust and debris accumulates on the fins it will slow down the movement of air and place strain on the motor itself. Be sure to look at the motor label as well for indication of oiling requirements. As the convection fan weakens over time, we will often notice less warm air coming out into the room, abnormal noises during operation, or failure of the motor.

Several Quadra-Fire wood stove models will have a rheostat or blower control box for regulating the convection fan and controlling the speed. We currently offer the two most common OEM rheostat blower controls. If your blower is working correctly but you are unable to control the speed or output, you will want to look at the blower rheostat/control box. If you need to test your blower to direct power, watch our video below on creating a test cord.

The Quadra-Fire Adventure II, Adventure III, and Pioneer III wood stove models can run off a programmable thermostat offering you precise temperature control week in and week out. Additionally we offer both OEM and aftermarket power cord replacements for the Quadra-Fire Adventure II, Adventure III, and Expedition II models. We are currently expanding our replacement parts for Quadra-Fire wood stoves; please contact us for part inquiries.