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Magnum and Countryside blowers, fans, and motors. We offer replacement combustion blower options, convection fan options, agitator stir bar motors, and auger feed motors.

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We offer both the AC and DC combustion blower for MagnuM and Countryside pellet and multi-fuel stoves. Also referred to as the exhaust fan or draft motor, the combustion blower pulls air through the burnpot in the firebox, up past the heat exchange tubes, and down the rear firewall forcing the exhaust out of the vent flue pipe. As the combustion blower weakens over time, we will often notice bearing/bushing noise during operation and a lazy/sooty flame in the firebox. Our vacuum pressure air switch can trip and we can have ignition issues if our combustion blower is not operating at proper RPM as well. Cleaning the motor regularly, along with the manifold and exhaust vent pipe can extend the life expectancy and overall performance of the motor. If you are purchasing one of our AC combustion blower kits, please see our general installation guide video below.

The MF3541 is the most common convection fan for MagnuM and Countryside models. Our 20133 replacement blower will be a direct fit for the Baby Countryside, Countryside 3500i, Countryside 3500L, Countryside 3500P, Countryside 3502 Insert, Countryside Queen Ann Leg, Countryside TLC, Winchester, and Winchester Insert stove models. The convection fan, also referred to as the distribution blower or room-air fan motor, circulates air through the fins of the blower directing that air through the heat exchange tubes and into your home. It's important to regularly inspect and clean your convection fan for optimal performance. Compressed air or a dry paint brush works well for cleaning dust and debris from the motor windings and the fan paddle impeller wheel. Be sure to read the motor label to see if oil/lubrication is required on your motor. As our convection fan wears over time we will generally start to hear noise from the motor, less air velocity coming out of the front of the stove, and possibly our high limit switch tripping if the heat is unable to be dispersed. If you are replacing your convection fan, see our general installation guide video below.

We offer 2RPM and 4 RPM AC gearbox motor options for MagnuM and Countryside pellet and multi-fuel stoves. Most multi-fuel models will use a 2 RPM for the agitator stir bar motor, and the 4 RPM for the auger feed motor. Be sure to cross reference your model and part number. The agitator motor will turn the agitator stir bar in the burnpot/firepot. Especially for biomass fuels such as corn, the agitator plays a key role in minimalizing heavy build-up and clinkers from blocking combustion air flow. The auger feed motor churns pellets up the auger shaft to drop in the burnpot. As these motors wear over time we will often notice squealing or grinding coming from the motor, low torque, and inconsistent operation. For the auger motor, there are several safety switches in-line with the motor that will not allow it to operate if there is a safety issue or if we have a faulty switch. You can test your auger gear motor to direct power to determine if the motor is operational or not by making a 'Test-Cord'. See our guide video below.

General auger feed motor replacement video.