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Danson Glow Boy pellet stove igniters and specialty electrical replacement parts.

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  • Glowboy and PelPro Acutron Wire Harness Kit, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement PelPro PP300 & Glow Boy Igniter Element Cartridge

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  • Glow Boy Ignitor Element Assembly, OEM

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We offer an aftermarket replacement igniter for Glow Boy part number KS-5030-1061. This is a 300 watt cartridge igniter element with molex connector for electrical connection. This igniter fits Bayview, Bayview Inserts, FGB, Flat Top, Step Top, and Home Heater pellet stove models. We also offer the OEM igniter assembly with housing, part numbers ACIGNAS and KS-5030-1060.

The igniter element is located in the base of burnpot area. During start-up, the igniter will get cherry hot and the combustion air rushing around the igniter becomes 'super-heated' creating ignition to the pellet fuel in the burnpot. As the igniter gets weak over time we will often notice missed ignition cycles or the element not functioning at all. Keep in mind it's the air rushing around the igniter lighting the fire. If there is air loss or air blockage issues in your Glow Boy model, there will be ignition issues.

If you are experiencing ignition troubles with your stove, check the simple things first

  • Burnpot is clean and seated properly
  • Front door and ash door are closed and the gasket seal is tight all the way around
  • Ash accumulation in the stove and exhaust venting has been removed/cleaned out
  • Air intake passageway is free and clear
  • Combustion blower is running at proper voltage

You can also use a basic multi-meter to test the ohms on your igniter element to determine if it's in proper range. Watch our helpful guide videos below on igniter testing and common igniter replacement and installation.

We offer the wiring harness for Glow Boy models using the Acutron control/circuit board, part KS-5110-1350. This is the correct wire harness for most Glowboy models including the Flat Top, Step Top, Bayview, Bayview Insert, Home Heater 120, and Home Heater 300 pellet stoves. If you are looking for a Glow Boy igniter or specialty electrical part you can't find, please contact us for order inquires and requests.