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PelPro pellet stove control boards, sensors, and safety switches. PelPro, previously manufactured under Dansons Inc. is now apart of the Hearth and Home Technologies Brand (HHT). We offer several control circuit boards, vacuum switches, limit switches, exhaust probe, ambient probe, and hopper switch.

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There are several PelPro control boards, also referred to as the circuit board, depending on your model and year of manufacturer. The Acutron IV control board will be for the PelPro PP300 model. The PelPro PP130 model will use control board SRV7077-050. If you have a PPC90 or TSC90 the correct replacement control board will be SRV7093-050. The PelPro PP60, PP60-B, and PP60-RF models will use control board SRV7079-050. We are expanding our selection of replacement PelPro control boards, please contact us if you are unable to find the correct replacement control board. We highly recommend the use of a surge protector of at least 1000 joules to protect your control board from voltage spikes or surges.

PelPro models will have several switches and sensors designed for safety and optimal performance. We offer the ignition switch, high limit switch, vacuum/pressure switch, push button hopper switch, exhaust probe, and ambient probe replacements. Learn more about testing and troubleshooting safety sensors and switches in our videos below.

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