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Hudson River pellet stove interior and exterior parts. We offer the high ash burnpot liner for the Chatham, Davenport, and Kinderhook as well as the damper rod set collars.

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  • Pellethead Replacement Enviro, Vistaflame, Regency & Hudson River High Ash Burn Pot Liner

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  • Enviro, Hudson River & VistaFlame Slider Damper Set Collar Kit, OEM

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For the Hudson River Chatham, Davenport, and Kinderhook models we offer the high ash burnpot liner replacement. The burnpot liner, also referred to as the firepot liner seats inside the burnpot stand. Depending on the grade of fuel and frequency of use will determine how often to clean your burnpot.  Inspecting and cleaning your burnpot regularly from build-up, clinkers and hole blockages will ensure proper combustion air flow. Check out our Super Scraper and Point Scraper burnpot cleaning tools which have proven to be extremely effective in quickly cleaning your burnpot area. If you have a Chatham or Davenport we carry the replacement 50-1068 damper rod set collars as well.