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MagnuM and Countryside interior and exterior replacement parts. Feed system parts, agitator system parts, door shoulder latch, and ash trap button plugs.

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Interior parts for MagnuM and Countryside will include feed system components such as the auger feed shaft and auger shaft bushings. As the auger feed shaft and bushings wear, we will often see frequent auger jams and abnormal noises during operation. We suggest inspecting your auger shaft and bushings during your annual maintenance routine and to clean out your fuel hopper of any accumulated fines after each ton of fuel is run through. Agitator system parts will include the fuel stirrer chain, 1/2″ sprocket, and 3/8″ sprocket. As the agitator chain and sprockets wear down over time, we will generally see frequent chain slips, jumps, and falloffs. Inspect, clean, and grease your agitator system during your routine maintenance.

If you have a MagnuM or Countryside 6500 Furnace, 7500 Furnace, Countryside 3500i, Countryside 3500L, Countryside 3500P, Countryside 3502 Insert, Countryside Queen Ann Leg, or Countryside TLC model, we are down to our final remaining inventory on the door latch shoulder bolt, part number MF3526. This will be the roller latch your firebox door handle secures to when closing the door. As this door latch gets bent or out of adjustment it can create issues with our front firebox door sealing correctly. Be sure to routinely inspect the door latch and to replace when needed.