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Travis Industries Avalon pellet stove igniters and specialty electrical parts. The Avalon Arbor, Astoria, Avanti, and Newport Bay stove and insert models will us a 4″ cartridge igniter element. The Avalon APG pellet stove model will use a full assembly housing ignition element. We are expanding our Avalon line of igniters and specialty electrical parts; please contact us for special order inquires.

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Our 4″ 250 watt cartridge igniter element will replace Travis Industries Avalon part numbers 99300148 and 99300149. This igniter element will require you to use your previous igniter housing for installation. The Avalon APG model will use igniter element 250-02613 which includes the full assembly housing. During start-up, the igniter will receive an electrical charge from the control board allowing it to get cherry red hot. The combustion blower air rushing past the igniter will become 'super-heated' creating ignition to the pellets in the burnpot. Keep in mind that it is the hot air lighting the pellets; any air loss or air blockage issues can caused missed ignition cycles. Your can check the ohms on your igniter to determine if it is in proper operating range.

If your igniter ohms are in range and you are experiencing ignition troubles with your stove, check the simple things first:

  • Burnpot is clean and seated properly
  • Front door and ash door are closed and the gasket seal is tight all the way around
  • Ash accumulation in the stove and exhaust venting has removed/cleaned out
  • Air intake passageway is free and clear
  • Combustion blower is running at proper voltage

For further igniter information and troubleshooting assistance please take a look at our video below.

When it's time to replace your Avalon stove igniter you can follow along with our general guide video below.

If you are looking for a replacement igniter you can't find on our page or any other specialty electrical replacement part for Avalon, please contact us for special order details.