GMG Trek 2.0

When it comes to portable grilling from the Green Mountain Grills brand, look no further than the GMG Trek 2.0 pellet grill. We highly recommend the GMG Trek 2.0 for small families, campers, tailgaters, RV’ers, or anyone who wants to cook a smaller amount of food while on-the-go. This GMG grill makes it easy to grill two racks of ribs, 4-6 nice steaks, vegetables, or a bunch of burgers, hot dogs, or brats.

This ultimate portable grill wouldn’t be complete without the ability to run on both 12V and 120AC. As a result, it’s perfect for home, camping, tailgating, hunting, house-boating, music festivals, or anywhere you can take it! The Trek’s 2.0 open flame technology grease trays are optional and can be purchased in our parts section.

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GMG Trek 2.0 Pellet Grill Features

The GMG Trek 2.0 WiFi grill and smoker is the ultimate portable grill that was ranked recently as the Best Value Platinum grill by! Check out their review of the TREK Prime here.

The grill comes with a digital WiFi controller which allows you to control and monitor the grill's stats through the handy iOS or Android app. You can easily control and monitor the GMG TREK 2.0 from your couch or even while on-the-go with GMG Smart Control. More specifically, you can adjust your smoke and grill temp from 150°F to 550°F with 5° increment control.

The TREK 2.0 grill also comes with a meat probe, a lid for rib racks, and a convenience tray with utensil hooks to make for easier access and storage. In addition, the Sense-Mate is a thermal sensor that constantly monitors the grill's temperature so that your food is done to the perfect temperature each and every time you use the TREK 2.0 grill. Here are just some of the great features that come with the Green Mountain Grills TREK 2.0 grill:

  • WiFi Controller Easier Control & Monitoring of Grill's Settings 
  • High Accuracy Meat Probe
  • Pin-Point Thermal Sensor for Precision Temperature Control
  • Adjustable Fire Baffle Heat Shield
  • Hands off Automatic Ignition & Start Cycle

*Always use the portable grill on a non-combustible surface. Always put a heatproof barrier between the grill and a truck bed or table or other support.

OUR GMG Trek Pellet Grill Products

At Earth Sense, we carry a number of different options for your GMG TREK 2.0 pellet grill. For example, some of our customers are just looking for the grill, while others are interested in purchasing the entire tailgating package, which includes the grill cover, collapsible rack, and BBQ lights.

New – GMG Trek Prime 2.0 WifI Portable Grill & Smoker

Introducing the new-and-improved Green Mountain Grills TREK Prime 2.0! This grill offers families who love camping and grilling on-the-go a quick, easy, and compact grilling experience. Your cooking experience just got even better. Check out the GMG TREK Prime 2.0 WiFi Smoker here.

All GMG Trek Pellet Grill Products

If you're looking for the cart to elevate the GMG TREK 2.0, check out our GMG TREK cart here. You can also purchase the grill with the cover and portable cart. Also, if you prefer to stand while grilling, Earth Sense is currently offering the extension legs here. We also have the TREK extension legs available in open box condition if you're looking for a bit of a price break. We also offer combos on the TREK grill along with a grill cover and t-shirt, BBQ light and t-shirt, and grill with cover/free cover. If you're looking for a deal on the GMG TREK, we have the item available as a demo, and also run the *Scratch-N-Dent* sale from time to time. More information here.

*Please note: To be notified when the item/sale is going to be available, click the “notify me when this item is back in stock” button.

About Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Grills has been an industry leader of pellet-powered grilling products for decades. With years dedicated to creating some of the best pellet grills on the market, such as the Davy Crockett, TREK, Ledge, and Peak, customers will benefit from more savory dishes, easier cooking, and an overall high quality grilling experience. Green Mountain Grills has built a line of pellet grills that are even smarter and stronger, the Prime 2.0 line. With upgraded components and features, these grills are the best of the best when it comes to grilling. It’s time to upgrade your barbecue setup! Even if you’re a first-time grill buyer, the GMG Prime 2.0 line will suit you well.

Achieve an amazing depth of flavors with these grills. The GMG Prime 2.0 line does it all. If you're not sold on the amazing Green Mountain TREK 2.0 Grill yet, make sure to look at their full 3-year manufacturer warranty. They stand behind every product they produce and are always happy to assist their customers with the support that they need.

WHY SHOP EARTH SENSE for Pellet Grills?

Earth Sense Energy Systems has more than three decades of experience in the alternative heating industry. Pellets are our specialty! We sell GMG grills – as well as other brands of pellet grills – to take your grilling to the next level! If you would like to learn more about what we think of the TREK 2.0 Grill, check out our detailed GMG TREK grill review for more information.

And don't forget to also check out the extensive line of recipes that will accompany your new Green Mountain Grill perfectly! Have questions for our team? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at (800) 236-6647, or contact us online today. Our team will be happy to assist you with any questions relating to shipping, warranty, etc.