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Heatilator Eco-Choice pellet stove replacement exterior parts. We offer hopper lid swell latches, hopper lid rubber bumpers, outside air kit, UL air intake weldment, and the temperature/pressure guage for boiler models.

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  • Harman & Heatilator EcoChoice Spring Latch, OEM

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  • Harman & Heatilator Eco-Choice Steel Sleeve Bushing 3/8″ OD x 5/16″ OAL, OEM

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    Harman HF60, TLC 2000 & Heatilator BH60 Steel Sleeve Bushing 3/8″ OD x 1/2″ OAL, OEM

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  • Harman & Heatilator Arrow Scraper Burnpot Cleaning Tool, OEM

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  • Harman & Heatilator Eco-Choice Burnpot, Firepot Grate Scraper Tool, Aftermarket

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  • Harman & Heatilator EcoChoice Swell Latch, Hopper Lid, Aftermarket

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  • Quadrafire, Heatilator, Vermont Castings Fuel Hopper Lid Rubber Bumpers, 4 Pack, OEM

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  • QuadraFire & Heatilator Outside Air Kit, OEM

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  • Harman & Heatilator UL Air Intake Weldment w/Gasket, OEM

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  • Harman & Heatilator Pressure Temperature Gauge, Boiler Models, OEM

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Keeping your fuel hopper lid properly closed and sealed during operation is key for overall safety and performance. We offer the 3-31-199110 hopper lid swell latches with hardware for the Heatilator Eco-Choice BA100, BH105, and BH60 furnace and boiler models. When replacing worn out or broken swell latches, be sure to inspect the hopper lid gasket. Replace the hopper lid gasket 1-00-00248 if you notice heavy wear, indents, or tears. For Heatilator Eco-Choice PS35, PS50, and CAB50 models, there will be rubber bumpers/stoppers for the fuel hopper lid, part number SRV224-0340.

For Heatilator Eco-Choice PS35, PS50, and CAB50 models we offer the 811-0872 outside air kit. The outside air kit includes all materials for installation and is designed to improve efficiency by bringing in outside air for combustion vs. room air. Some areas may also have local codes that require outside air to be installed on your Heatilator stove; your building inspector or insurance company would be good references to research what is required.

For Heatilator BA100, BH105, and BH60 models we offer the UL air intake assembly 1-10-06810A. The air intake assembly is where combustion air is being drawn from. This part has a flapper door and mount gasket. If you are using an outside air kit, this will be the outlet you mount the intake flex hose on. For the BH60 boiler model we carry the pressure temperature guage, part 3-10-78427. This guage provides PSI and temperature readings for the Eco-Choice BH60 boiler.

If you are unable to find the part you need please contact us for assistance.