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Glowboy (danson)

Danson Glow Boy pellet stove control boards, switches, and safety sensors.

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  • Pellethead Replacement Glowboy & PelPro Vacuum Air Switch

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  • Glowboy and Pelpro High Limit Switch, L250 Safety Snap Disc, OEM

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  • Glowboy and Pelpro Igniter Limit Switch, L120 Ignition Switch, OEM

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  • Pellethead Replacement GlowBoy & PelPro Low Limit Snap Disc, Thermodisc

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  • Universal Vacuum Pressure Switch Silicone 1/4″ Tubing Hose, 3′

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  • Universal Vacuum Pressure Switch Silicone 1/8″ Tubing Hose, 5′

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We offer the Acutron IV control board for Glow Boy pellet stove models, part KS-5040-1101. This board will replace all previous Acutron and Glowboy control boards. If your current control board says Acutron on the face of the control board you only need this control board as a direct upgrade. If you have a control board that says Glow Boy on it then you will require additional parts. To complete the upgrade if you have a Glow Boy brand control panel you will need the wiring harness and low limit ignition switch. We highly recommend a surge protector of at least 1000 joules to prevent spikes or electrical surges from harming the control/circuit board.

We offer the L120 low limit ignition switch/igniter switch, part KS-5100-1340 for Glow Boy pellet stove models. This switch has a recessed mount and is required if you are upgrading from a Glow Boy control board to an Acutron control board. We offer the F110 low limit switch, part KS-5100-1321 which fits all Glow Boy models with the DHC control board. Be sure to check your limit switch style, part number, and temperature readings when needing to replace. Learn more about limit switches in our video below.

We are expanding our part replacement offerings for Glow Boy. If there is a control board, switch, or sensor you can't find, please contact us for order inquiries and requests.