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United States Stove Company (USSC) pellet stove interior and exterior replacement parts. Interior parts will include firebox components, feed system components, and agitator system components. We offer burnpots/firepots, bushings, agitator drive shafts, agitator stir bars, and auger shafts for US Stove models. Exterior parts will include body panels, handles, and hardware. Please contact us for special order inquires.

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For the US Stove 5040 model, we offer the complete 2-piece burnpot/firepot assembly as an aftermarket replacement. For the USSC 5500, 5500M, 5500XL, 5502M, and 5520 models we offer the OEM stainless steel 86624 burnpot assembly. Regularly inspecting and cleaning your burn grate area is critical routine maintenance to keep your US Stove running at it's best. You will notice variances in the type of ash buildup and frequency of cleaning depending on the grade of fuel you burn and the heat setting. Always make sure your burnpot holes are free and clear and that it is seated properly while in operation. Check out our 'Point-Scraper' for an easy grate scraping/cleaning tool.

We offer a few different auger feed shaft options and auger bushing options for USSC based on the model you have. The auger shaft is connected to the auger motor, churning pellets from your fuel hopper upwards and dropping them down the feed chute into the burnpot. Depending on the model, the bushing will be at the top or bottom. Over time the flights on the auger can wear and the bushing can wear creating 'play' or 'slop' within the auger tube. As these components wear out we will often see an increase in auger jams and squealing or grinding while the auger is in rotation. We recommend cleaning out your fuel hopper every ton of pellets to remove any sawdust accumulation, and annually removing the auger shaft for a deep cleaning and inspection.

Several US Stove models are designed to burn additional biomass fuels such as dried shell corn in addition to wood pellet fuel. Most of the USSC multi-fuel stove models will have an agitator motor attached to an agitator drive shaft which rotates the agitator stir bar inside the burnpot/firepot. The agitator is designed to reduce clinker formation inside the burnpot which can be more apparent when burning fuels other than wood pellets. We offer several agitator replacement parts for USSC when the time comes to repair. If you can't find the part you are looking for please contact us; we are continually expanding our USSC pellet stove offerings.