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Timberwolf pellet stove control boards, switches, and safety sensors. Currently we offer the ceramic low limit snap switch for the Timberwolf TPI35 and TPS35 and the vacuum pressure air switch for these models. We are expanding our replacement parts for Timberwolf. Please contact us for special order requests.

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  • Timberwolf TPI35 & TPS35 Digital Control Circuit Board, OEM

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  • Napoleon & Timberwolf High Limit Switch 200F, OEM

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  • 20266

    Napoleon & Timberwolf Vacuum Pressure Air Switch, Aftermarket

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  • Pellethead Replacement Napoleon & Timberwolf Low Limit Switch, Ceramic Thermodisc, 140F

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  • Universal Vacuum Pressure Switch Silicone Tubing Hose, 5′

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The Timberwolf TPI35 and TPS35 pellet stove models will use a ceramic 140 degree low limit snap switch on the combustion blower, exhaust fan. This switch is normally open and closes at 140 degrees Fahrenheit, re-opening at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. During start-up this switch will lock in once it reaches temp completing the circuit to the feed motor allowing the stove to go into normal operation mode. As the stove is shut down or runs out of pellets, this switch will shut down the combustion blower exhaust fan once it drops below 20 degrees and re-opens. This low limit disc is often referred to as a proof of fire switch or low limit thermodisk. Learn more about limit switches in our video below. We are expanding our replacement parts for Timberwolf. Please contact us for special order requests.

The vacuum switch, also referred to as the pressure switch or air switch, is sensing pressure in the firebox and exhaust vent flue. If there are air losses or air blockages the vacuum switch will trip and shut down the auger motor. Our vacuum switch will replace Napoleon and Timberwolf part number W660-0056. The rating on our replacement is 0.02 WC higher than the original, however we guarantee correct operation. With our replacement vacuum switch you will need to use the mount bracket from your existing switch for installation. Full 1 year manufacturer warranty. Consider purchasing new vacuum tubing with the replacement switch. Learn more about vacuum switches in our video below.