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Vogelzang pellet stove blowers, fans, and motors. We offer combustion blower exhaust fan motor kits and full assembly options, convection fan blower motors, and auger feed motor replacements.

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The Vogelzang combustion blower, also referred to as the exhaust fan or draft motor, draws air through the burnpot, up past the heat exchange tubes, and forces the exhaust out of the vent pipe. As the combustion fan wears and becomes weak, we will often notice a lazy, inefficient fire with heavy soot, odd noises coming from the motor, and potentially the vacuum air switch may trip shutting off power to the auger motor. It's important to clean your combustion blower, fan paddle, motor housing, and exhaust vent pipe on a regular basis for optimal efficiency and performance. We offer the full combustion blower assembly as well as motor kits for the Vogelzang VG5770 and VG5790 models. If you are purchasing one of the motor kits for replacement, see our helpful guide video for installation reference.

The Vogelzang VG5770 and VG5790 pellet stove models will use a snail-style convection fan, often referred to as the distribution blower or room-air fan motor. The convection fan circulates heat through the heat exchange tubes in your Vogelzang, distributing that heat out of the front of the stove into your room. Overtime as the convection fan wears or gets weak, we will often notice less air coming out of the front of the stove, squealing or grinding coming from the motor, or the hi-temp switch tripping. We recommend regular cleaning and maintenance on the convection fan. It's important to clean off the dust and debris from the motor windings and the fan paddle impeller. Be sure to read the label on the motor to see if it requires annual lubrication. When it comes time to replace the convection fan, you can follow along with our general installation video below.

The Vogelzang VG130, VG5770, and VG5790 pellet stove models will use a 1 RPM counter clockwise auger motor with a pre-drilled hole in the shaft for securing with the cotter/set pin (motor direction is facing the motor shaft). The auger feed motor delivers pellet fuel to the burnpot in coordination with your stove settings. The hi-temp switch, low limit switch, and vacuum air switch are safety sensors that are all in-line with the auger motor and can prevent the auger motor from working if there is an issue. As our auger motor becomes weak over time we will often start to hear loud noises as the motor turns and inconsistent delivery of pellet fuel to the burnpot. If your auger motor is not turning at all, you can run the motor to direct power to determine if it's a motor issue, auger jam, or one of the safety sensors not allowing it to operate. Check out our video below on creating a test cord to run your motor to direct power.