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Winrich Dynasty and Perfecta pellet stove control boards, switches, and sensors. We offer retro-fit control board and LED control board options, wire harnesses, high limit and low limit safety snap discs, the vacuum pressure low draft switch, and the exhaust solenoid.

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  • Winrich Vacuum Pressure Switch Tubing Hose

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  • Winrich Dynasty & Perfecta Touch Button Control Board Kit Retro-Fit Upgrade, Aftermarket

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  • Pellethead Replacement Winrich Low Limit Proof of Fire Snap Disc, F110-20F

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  • Universal Vacuum Pressure Switch Silicone 1/4″ Tubing Hose, 3′

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  • Universal Vacuum Pressure Switch Silicone 1/8″ Tubing Hose, 5′

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  • Winrich Dynasty & Perfecta Exhaust Baffle Solenoid, OEM

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The original Winrich Dynasty and Perfecta pellet stoves had a rotary style turn knob control board with rocker switches. In the final years leading up to Winrich closing it's doors, the Perfecta and Dynasty used a digital LED touch pad control board. The rotary style board is no longer available, however we offer a retro-fit control board kit to adapt your Winrich to the touch pad control board. This kit includes the new user board, wiring harness, control board decal, owner's manual, and installation instructions. If you are replacing a previous touch pad control board our replacement circuit board is a direct plug n' play hook-up.

The Winrich Perfecta and Dynasty will both have a high limit switch, low limit switch, and vacuum switch. These are safety switches designed to shut down the fuel feed in the event of an issue. The high limit snap switch will be mounted on the back of the fire wall. This is a normally closed switch that will open if temperatures exceed 250 degrees Fahrenheit shutting down connection to the auger motor. Once the switch reaches 30 degrees Fahrenheit it will auto reset. If your convection fan isn't running properly or if your stove is blocked up with ash causing a large lazy fire, this will often cause the high limit switch to trip. You can use a multi-meter on this limit switch to check continuity.

The Winrich low limit switch is mounted on the combustion blower housing acting as a proof-of-fire switch. This switch is normally open and closes once it reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit locking in the auger motor. As the stove is turned off and cools down, this switch will auto reopen at 20 degrees Fahrenheit allowing the combustion blower to shut off. If your experiencing issues with fuel feed after start-up or your combustion blower not shutting down once the stove is cool, it would be advised to look at the low limit snap switch thermodisk.

FOR TROUBLESHOOTING ONLY, we can bypass a safety switch to determine where the issue may be. See our video below on how to troubleshoot switches and sensors with a jumper wire.

The Winrich vacuum switch is also referred to as the pressure switch or low draft safety sensor. The vacuum switch in Winrich pellet stoves is sensing pressure in the firebox and exhaust. This switch has a small diaphragm inside that closes when proper pressure is sensed allowing power to go to the auger feed motor. The vacuum switch will have a hose on it that will go to either the firebox rear wall or the combustion blower housing (depending on the year). Inspect the vacuum switch tubing when performing your regular maintenance to ensure there are no cracks or splits. A multi-meter can also be used to test the vacuum switch. Check out our video below for more information on vacuum switches.

The Winrich exhaust solenoid is a safety sensor that opens and closes the exhaust baffle located in the combustion blower end housing. This device is designed to close the baffle to prevent backdraft in the event of heavy outside winds coming through the vent pipe. If your exhaust solenoid is causing your baffle to stay open when the unit is shut down or closed when you are trying to operate, a new solenoid will be needed.