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A Review of the GMG Jim Bowie Grill (Discontinued)

GMG Jim Bowie Is Now Discontinued

NOTE: The GMG Jim Bowie grill is now discontinued. For those who own a Jim Bowie, we still offer parts for your grill.

Jim Bowie Grill Parts

PEAK Grills

Peak grills from GMG are the closest to the Jim Bowie line. Check out our Peak grills selection here.

GMG Jim Bowie Specs

Are you a serious grilling enthusiast? Today, we’ll cover one of the most robust, professional grills available on the market today – the GMG Jim Bowie grill. If you are a seasoned griller, this grill is well-suited for you because it offers a large space to cook lots of food on. Additionally, this grill is great for when you plan to host large pool parties with many guests or you are cooking for a family reunion.

The Jim Bowie is a massive grill, with a capacity of 658 square inches. The Jim Bowie grill includes even some of the same features as its cousin, the Daniel Boone. These include the 17-pound hopper, 14 gauge steel body with SS lid, and an option to swap out the wood pellets for charcoal if desired. Furthermore, the Jim Bowie grill also features digital temperature control with meat prove. Everything the Daniel Boone grill offers, the Jim Bowie also does, just on a larger scale. Shop the Jim Bowie grill now!

GMG Jim Bowie Grill Specifications

  • 658 sq. inches of cooking area
  • 170° to 500° F (or 75° to 260° C)
  • 17 lb. capacity pellet hopper
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Fully programmable electronic temperature control (with remote)
  • Wi-Fi option
  • Baked on enameled steel construction
  • Product designed by Green Mountain Grills

Pellet Unit

The Jim Bowie Green Mountain grill features an enclosed cooking chamber with a mounted pellet unit mounted on the side. The pellet unit itself features a 17-pound capacity hopper and an auger to drop the pellets into the fire pot. There is also a fan to improve combustion and temperature control.

Wi-Fi Option

The Jim Bowie grill provides the handy Wi-Fi feature. This allows grilling enthusiasts to be able to monitor your cooking temperature through your smart phone.

Unique Features

A couple aspects that make the Jim Bowie grill stand out from other pellet grills is that it features a hopper alarm. This sounds whenever the pellet supply gets too low. In addition, there is also a positive pressure fan to safely keep sparks away from the auger. Finally, there is a cold weather booster for whenever the grill is being used in colder temperatures.

Pros & Cons to the Jim Bowie Grill

Are you a serious griller? To make an educated decision, you’ll want to know some of the pros and cons to the Jim Bowie grill and why it’s one of the best picks in the pellet grilling market:


  • Quality temperature control
  • Excellent, wide cooking range
  • Turbo heat up system reaches high temperatures, even in colder weather
  • Large capacity pellet hopper


  • Thin metal will not contain the heat
  • The grill reaches only a maximum temperature of 500° F

GMG Jim Bowie – Recipes to Try

If you are the proud new owner of a Jim Bowie grill, here are some recipes you can try to get started! From barbeque ribs and chicken to chorizo nachos, you will enjoy grilling quality, excellent-tasting food with the Jim Bowie. Enjoy grilling with our beefporkdesserts and breadsseafoodwild gamepoultry, or fruit and veggie recipes.


This huge grill is best suited for grilling enthusiasts who enjoy grilling a lot of food all at once several times a week. It is the perfect choice for large gatherings of friends and family. When you choose the Jim Bowie pellet grill, you will be satisfied with a well-designed product with excellent temperature control. Enjoy excellent tasting food when you grill with the GMG Jim Bowie grill!

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