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Earth Sense Service, Installation and Parts

Earth Sense Energy Systems is widely recognized as the authority for pellet, wood and gas appliances. We offer high quality products and services at affordable prices.  Our professional sales associates listen closely to help you choose the right product that meets your needs, expectations, and desired look within your budget. We offer complete installation and service for every stove and insert we sell.


  • Trained to install each unit to factory specifications
  • Professional and on time
  • Respectful of your home and property
  • You can trust our expertise and experience

If you choose to self-install your stove, we are here to help guide you. After the install, we will inspect to make sure all regulations and safety standards are met.


Whether you need a diagnosis, repair or just an annual maintenance service, ESES has the qualified team to make sure your stove/insert keeps you warm in the cooler months.

Our technicians are professional, highly trained with years of experience and are equipped to service most brands and types of stoves and inserts. When your stove/insert needs attention, our team will provide a thorough examination and maintenance check assuring that your stove/insert will run efficiently.


For the DIY customers, Earth Sense Energy Systems, Inc. carries parts for almost every stove. Our Parts Department Associates are there to help you find the correct item for your stove. Most parts are in stock and ready to pick up. You can also find useful videos on our website and YouTube channelBrowse Stove & Part Accessories

For more information on parts, Installation or to set up a service appointment, please contact us at  (920) 779-6647.

Helpful information to have on hand when you call or email:

Manufacturer of unit          Model number

Year of installation              Last date of service

If you can’t find all of this information, we can help you out. It is recommended that all Pellet, Gas or Wood Stove/Inserts are serviced on a regular basis to keep them running properly and efficiently and to help prevent costly repairs.

  • Steven parkos says:

    Smoke coming out behind the burn pot on my third burn pot gasket still not stoping.cleaned stove throrley.out of ideas.

    • pellethead_admin says:

      Hey Steven,

      Happy to help. What make and model stove do you have? Do you notice any warpage on the burnpot where you mount it?

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