Harman Tech – Stove Noise/Squealing Feed System – Tips & Troubleshooting

Harman Tech – Stove Noise/Squealing Feed System – Tips & Troubleshooting

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Harman Stove Making Noise/Squealing during feed cycle-

Scott Writes In:

We have a Harman P38 pellet stove installed in 2007 – it’s been working great … until last night. I started it up and when the auger kicks in, it has high pitch squeal. Is there anything we can do to stop the noise, or will we have to have a technician come out?

Mr. Pellethead Replies:

Thanks for contacting us. In most cases with this type of noise on a P38 or any Harman Pellet or Corn model it would be one of the following-

  1. Excessive fines built up in the feeder body causing the slide plate to rub/have resistance. Feeder body clean-out is behind the auger motor, one or two wing-nuts will be unscrewed to remove the cover. Clean/vacuum area thoroughly, Pull out the slide plate (Make sure all fuel is out of the hopper), Clean and inspect the slide plate. See if there are any gouges, marks or burrs on it. Please note how it comes out so it goes back in the same way. Should be lip up.
  2. If everything appears good in the feeder body then in most cases it would then be the bearing attached to the auger shaft. Under load, that bearing can start making a squeal sound. See if you can pin-point where the noise is coming from with the back-panels off. Stethoscope can help, even a cheap toy one.
  3. Auger motor. Same here, see if you can pin-point where the noise is deriving from. Typical life on an auger motor is 6-9 years/seasons.

If you would rather schedule a tech to come out then to troubleshoot yourself just let me know and I will get you to the right staffing to get that set-up. Otherwise we’re happy to help troubleshoot and I’m confident we can figure out where the issue is coming from and what we need to do to resolve it.

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  • Mike says:

    The graphite trick worked for me as well (thanks Bill!) although, a single 0.3 gram tube was enough. 3 whole grams seems like a lot.

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:

      Thanks for sharing Mike. Yeah, I would say less is more, start with a very small amount.

      Thanks again,

  • John Lippiello says:

    I have a P38 Harman, which I purchased used. For the first time in 8 years, I experienced this high pitch squeal when the pellet feeder auger kicks in. I have a small bottle of graphite and manually applied it as best I could on the sealed bearings of the augur drive shaft. I cleaned out the fines collection container and did some general cleaning to the burn pot, etc. Its been running almost a day now without the squealing sound.

    • pellethead_admin says:

      Thanks for sharing John, very glad to hear the graphite worked well in eliminating the noise from the auger bearing. Any future questions or needs please let us know.

      Mr. Pellethead

    • Matt says:

      Can you provided some more detail on where and how you applied the graphite I have done everything else! Thank you.

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