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How to Find A Pit Boss Grill Number

Finding Your Pit Boss Grill Model Number

Pit Boss pellet grills are a brand of pellet grill that are renown for their exceptional quality and smoky flavors for a variety of foods – from meats to vegetables.

If you need to locate the correct grill parts for replacement or accessories, it’s important to know where to look for the Pit Boss number on your grill.

In this short article, we’ll provide some helpful information for how to locate your Pit Boss grill number on your grill. Contact us, or read below for steps:

Step 1: Open the Hopper Lid

To start, open the lid of the hopper of your Pit Boss pellet grill by lifting the handle and pulling it up. If you’re not sure where/what the hopper is, it’s the container located on the side of the grill that contains the pellets.

Step 2: Check the Underside of the Hopper Lid

Next, locate the label inside the lid of the hopper. For many Pit Boss pellet grill models, you should find the label under the hopper lid.

The serial and model number will be found on the label. The model number is generally a string of characters that begins with “PB”. For example, your model number may look like, “PB820D”.

Step 3: Check the Back of the Grill and/or Label Attached to the Frame

Sometimes the grill number is not located inside the hopper lid. If so, you’ll need to check other locations on your Pit Boss pellet grill.

For example, sometimes the model number will be located on the back of your grill, or even as a label attached to the frame. If you still can’t find the model number, don’t worry – there is still a way to find it.

Step 4: Send Grill Label Photos to Our Staff

If you’ve checked everywhere but still haven’t been able to identify the Pit Boss grill number, you can send your grill and/or grill label photos to our staff. We can help you locate the number.

It’s going to be important to have this number on hand whenever you order Pit Boss pellet grill parts to ensure the proper fit.

How to Find a Pit Boss Grill Model Number: In Conclusion

In summary, locating your Pit Boss grill model number is a straightforward process. Simply follow the steps listed in this article. Usually, your Pit Boss grill number is under the hopper lid, on the back of the grill, or as a label on the frame of the grill.

But even if you can’t find it, no worries! Our staff is always happy to help you. Just send us your photos, or give us a direct phone call about your grill. Once you/we have located the model number, you should have everything you need to purchase the necessary Pit Boss pellet grill parts you need.

At Earth Sense, we want you to get the most out of grilling with your Pit Boss pellet grill. Happy grilling!

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