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Pellet Tech 101 – Changing Auger Motor Rotation

welcome back to pellet tech 101!

This video will show you how to change the rotation of an Auger Motor Gearbox Assembly. Most commonly done on pellet stoves as some require clockwise and other counter clockwise. Be sure to tighten the screws down evenly and snug.

1. Unscrew the four screws holding the armature and magnet in place.
2. Remove the armature *Be sure not to lose the plastic washers on the armature*
3. Take the black magnet and flip it completely upside down.
4. Replace your armature *Be sure the plastic washers are in place*
5. Re-screw the four screws back into place.
6. This will reverse the polarity of the motor and cause the shaft to spin the opposite direction.

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