Green Mountain Grill Accessories

Green Mountain Grills is easily one of the best pellet grill brands in the industry! If one of your parts needs a replacement, or you need grill accessories to get your GMG grill back up and running, let Earth Sense Energy Systems be your online source for quality accessories/parts for a Peak/Jim Bowie, Ledge/Daniel Boone, or Trek/Davy Crockett grill.

Questions? Contact our team at (800) 236-6647 today and we’ll be happy to assist you with your grill accessories and parts.

Green Mountain Grill Accessories

Whether you need interior or exterior grill accessories or parts for your GMG, we're here to help! Browse online for griddles, light sets, self-stick lids and door gaskets, shelf trays, grill racks, and more. Browse your GMG grill model by Choice or Prime.

GMG Peak/Jim Bowie Grill Accessories

The GMG Peak grill is similar to the now-discontinued Jim Bowie Grill, providing a huge cooking space for grill enthusiasts to cook on. As you shop grills, you'll find that the Peak is available in two colors: stainless steel and black. To ensure you have everything you need to keep your GMG Prime or Choice Peak grill experience awesome, make sure to purchase items like a grill cover, as well as a shelf tray and even pizza oven and pizza accessories if you are a pizza enthusiast! We also have an 8-pack BBQ grill seasoning dry rubs for an excellent flavor! Take a look at all our GMG grill accessories for the GMG Peak/Jim Bowie grill here.

GMG Ledge/Daniel Boone Grill Accessories

A favorite among grilling enthusiasts, our GMG Ledge/Daniel Boone grills are also available in Choice and Prime models. Browse all GMG grill accessories by interior, exterior, and check out gadgets and gear to make your grilling experience more complete. Our GMG Ledge/Daniel Boone grill accessories include a GMG grill cover, grilling mitts, gloves, a frogmat BBQ grill bag, a food marinade injector syringe, grill light set, and more. Check out all our GMG Ledge/Daniel Boone grill accessories here.

GMG Trek/Davy Crockett

Small and portable, the GMG Trek/Davy Crockett grills are perfect for bringing with you to a tailgate party, on a camping trip, to the beach, or to your kid's soccer game! If small and compact is what you need, then we recommend looking no further than the GMG Trek to get the job done. Along with the purchase of your GMG Trek/Davy Crockett, you should invest in some interior accessories like collapsible racks, a pizza oven stone, and a BBQ grill smoke tube; and exterior accessories like touch-up spray paint, a floor mat protector, a tote bag for transportation, and a small grill cover. You will also need pellets for your pellet grill. (Read here for how long do pellets last in a pellet grill.) Take a look at our GMG Trek/Davy Crockett grill accessories here.

Why Earth Sense Energy Systems?

When it comes to stocking GMG grill accessories, look no further than the experienced team at Earth Sense to provide high quality interior and exterior replacement parts for your pellet grill.

If you need help with choosing grill accessories for your new pellet grill, please read our guide to pellet grill accessories.

We also have YouTube videos to assist you with replacing your grill part – but please feel free to contact us directly at (800) 236-6647 for other troubleshooting questions. You can also fill out our online form here. We are proud to be a trusted company in the pellet heating industry!