Quadra-Fire Technical, Auger Feed Issues, 4 Spd & 3 Spd Control Boards

Quadra-Fire Technical, Auger Feed Issues, 4 Spd & 3 Spd Control Boards

William Writes In-

Problem with the pellet feed on an Original Mt Vernon 4 speed, board Number 7000-126. Recently replaced the system control board. Getting blue flashing light at start and a green light. No red light in controller, red light on the back of stove. Black button on side of stove below speed control, to force feed more pellets sounds like it’s working. The Auger does not move or vibrate while clicking button. How would I know if it is the auger motor or the controller??

Mr. Pellethead Responds-

Happy to assist William. When power is applied to a cold stove you’ll see a momentary yellow light (thermocouple test), then for 60 seconds a blue flashing light (count equal to the board setting). If the stove is cold there should be no green or red light present. The green light only indicates an achieved thermocouple temperature reading of 200 degrees. The red light represents an achieved thermocouple temperature reading of 600 degrees. The green light indicates to the board proof of fire and signals the start of normal feed cycles.

Is the feed system totally not functioning?

The simplest issues would be a loose wire connection, feed system restriction, an auger jam, loose set screw on the auger motor shaft or vacuum line hose nipple blockage at the top of the auger tube.

The feed system circuit comprises of four components




4) #2 SNAP SWITCH (Being Added to our website, please call or email if you need to order.)

The use of certain diagnostic tools such as a volt meter, ohm meter, jumper wire and 120 volt power cord would be used to isolate which of these could be an issue.


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  • TERRY R says:

    hi need help I have a quadra fire free standing castile . will not feed pellets right from start. new control box ,thermocouple,and vacuum switch.bypassed snap disc 2,vacum switch still nothing.all cleaned out and sealed tight.heres the thing . I can hand feed until hot then auger will start feeding pellets. sometimes that will not work. . from start blue light works and no yellow light from thermocouple. also using reset button will not work either.

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:


      Our parts manager emailed you direct, just wanted to relay his response here as well. Happy to help anyway we can.

      1)combustion fan running?
      2)call light on?
      3)pressing reset switch interrupts call light?
      4)what year Castile?
      5)control board part number?
      6)how many blue flashes when first plugged in.
      7)wall outlet voltage? GFCI?


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