Harman Furnace & Boiler Start-up Adjustment

The new ‘Lifetime’ Fire pot is now available by Harman for the PF100, PF120 and PB105. Earth Sense offers the aftermarket ‘Lifetime’ fire pot at reduced cost; built locally to exact spec.

Some customers have found issues during start-up with overfeeding once this new fire pot is installed. Below are instructions for adjusting your circuit board dip switches if you experience overfeeding on start-up.

  • 1 off, 2 on, 3 on   -64 seconds start up feed
  • 1 off, 2 on, 3 off   -43 seconds start up feed
  • 1 off, 2 off, 3 on   -21 sec. start up feed


  • joe says:

    I have a pf100 furnace I just put a new igniter in but it takes forever to lite and most times not the igniter is good just not enough I am brain racking to figure it out can you help me

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:


      We are happy to assist. If you just purchased a new igniter everything should be good there. If you have a basic electric tester you can double check the OHMS on the igniter just to make sure. Touch the tester leads to the two igniter leads you should be getting a reading of 43.0 – 50.0 / 1.7 – 2.2+ Additionally double check the mount and make sure the igniter cradle is seated flush to the burn pot.

      Keep in mind the igniter is not what’s lighting your fire, it’s the air being heated that rushes around it. First, use a mirror and light to make sure none of the burn pot holes are plugged- use a small screwdriver or paperclip to clear any out. Second, make sure the area underneath the fire pot where the igniter is mounted is clean and there are no obstructions in the intake ‘throat’ going back. If you don’t draw fresh air in, check the intake flapper and make sure it’s free. If you do have air intake from outside, check that vent to make sure there are no obstructions.
      How does your fire burn once it does light or you light it? If it’s not as torchy and vigorous as it once was or should be, your door gasket could need replacement and/or combustion-exhaust fan could be getting weak. If either of these were an issue it would dramatically affect our start-up ignition as well.

      Let us know what you find by replying here in the thread (It may help others too). Thanks so much, happy to assist.


  • ed says:

    I have a pf 100 and im having a problem with not enough pellets feeding into burnpot on start up any suggestions

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:

      Hey Ed,

      Happy to help. Is this a recent issue or has this been the case since you owned the PF100? If it is recent, I would tell you to inspect the throat of the hopper and feed slide plate. Open up the sawdust cleanout chamber and make sure the swing arm appears to be moving as it should.Always good to check the simple things first. If this has always been a problem for you it could be a control board or control board dipswitch issue.

      Happy to assist.

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