How To Replace a Harman Stove Igniter Element

Here is a great basic instruction guide on how to replace the igniter element in your Harman pellet stove. (This is for the finned igniter. Replacement of the Harman Pressure igniter will be different. We are happy to assist.)

Remove the back panels on your stove or slide it out of the cage for fireplace insert models. You will see the igniter wires coming through the rear feeder body in the lower corner. The wires run through a plug with silicone sealant around it. Cut the silicone sealant around the plug (Igniter wires are typically blue and yellow). There may also be a zip tie you need to cut so you can pull the wires through from the front.

From the front of the unit, open the area of the fire pot where the igniter is mounted (small plate with two wing nuts securing). On the outside of the fire pot you will see two 5/16” bolts that hold the igniter and cradle in place. Remove these bolts with a wrench or ratchet- use lubrication if difficult. Once the bolts are removed the igniter and cradle body should be able to be pulled out of the front of the burn pot. You can then disconnect the igniter wires from the connection wires. Please Note: The igniter wire lead connections are not designed to go through the rear hole in the feeder body. The igniter should be pulled out from the front of the burn pot, disconnect the leads and re-connect the new igniter leads. Once the new igniter is connected and in the cradle cage, you can gently pull the igniter wire leads back to make sure there is not wire slack in the burn pot area and that the wires are taught.

To remove the igniter from the cradle use a pliers and carefully twist the ‘ear-tabs’ strait so the cover plate can come off. Pull the old igniter out and place the new igniter in the same way. Put the cover plate back on and twist the ear tabs so it can’t come out. Connect the igniter wires to the lead wires coming through- doesn’t matter which end connects with which one. From the rear of the stove pull the wires back to remove the slack. Mount the igniter cradle back in place with the two 5/16” bolts tightening down evenly. From the rear of the unit make sure the wires are pulled taught once more. Make sure the plug in the feeder body is put back in place- use silicone sealant to hold it there if it doesn’t stay in place on it’s own. Use a wire tie to secure any extra wiring drooping or hanging. Put the cover plate back on the front of the burn pot and tighten down the wing nuts snugly.

*Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to check the burn pot holes at this time and make sure they are all open and clear. A small screwdriver or large unfolded paperclip work well.

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