How To Test Your Pellet Stove Auger Feed Motor

The average pellet stove auger motor will last approximately 6-8 seasons running fairly consistently in season during moderate to severe climates. We have seen some go 10+ years, and some go in under a year, but the average is 6-8. As the auger feed motor is getting towards the end of its life it may grow louder in operation, have intermittent operation, inconsistency in pellet delivery to the fire pot, it may be leaking grease or flat out stop working all together.

The auger feed motor can be ‘Bench Tested’. Testing it outside the stove can allow you to ensure the motor itself is bad and not something else in the stove (most units have safety switches and features that will not allow the auger motor to run if there is a safety concern or if the device/switch itself is faulty.) To run a bench test simply get an old 2 wire cord, snip the ends and put female connectors on the wires. Connect the cord wires to the auger motor wires or leads on the motor (doesn’t matter which connects to which) and plug into a normal 120v wall outlet. With a pliers you can grip the shaft to see if there is good torque- unless your a body builder, you shouldn’t be able to stop the shaft from turning.

The new replacement motors Earth Sense offers are made right here in the U.S. by American workers. We purchase the highest quality motor manufactured. This replacement motor is needle point ball bearing with the highest grade, heaviest duty gear box on the market. There is no rear cooling fan as this motor runs considerably cooler than the original. Ordering factory direct in high volume allows us to offer the best motor built for less than half the price of the original OEM and other replacements on the market! All motors are tested prior to shipment and come with a full 1 year manufacturer guarantee.

All orders and purchases include lifetime technical support. With a combined 100+ years in pellet stove technical service and support, we are the pellet stove experts and will get your stove working correctly.

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  • Brandon says:

    Hi, I have an older Harman Accentra with a chain drive that the motor just went out on. I know you sell a direct replacement, however, we rarely set the feed rate over 1 of 6 or we would need to open a window or door. Would going to a slower RPM replacement motor be a viable option to gain more adjustability within a useable feed rate range? If so, what RPM would you recommend?

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:

      Brandon, thanks for contacting us – we are happy to help. You will want to stay with the factory 4RPM auger motor for your Accentra. The feed adjuster dial is more of a governor for the stove. It basically allows you to set the the max fuel the stove can feed to. Ultimately, your heat output is determined by your temp setting and room probe. Based on your situation I would suggest you use room temp mode, set your desired temp, leave the unit on auto ignition and make sure your room probe is placed properly. This way it will maintain your set temperature without you getting cooked out of the room no matter where you have the feed adjuster set.

      Here is a video that we did that covers the Harman controls in more detail which may be helpful for you:

      Link to the auger motor:


      Any other questions please let us know.


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