A Better Way To Scrape Your Harman Burnpot, Firepot


Scraping your Harman burn pot while it is warm is the easiest and most effective way to clean and break off all of the scale and carbon build-up. Flip your igniter toggle to manual and turn the temp dial down to 50 degrees. Come back after 20-30 minutes and there should be just a small pilot fire burning in the fire pot. Now open the firebox door (slowly) and use the burn pot scraper. Once scraped there’s no need to scoop the build-up out; once you close the door new pellets coming in will eventually push everything out of the fire pot. Do note it is normal to see a bit of a ‘fireworks’ show after doing this. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. Go ahead and turn the toggle back to auto (on automatic Harman models) and set back to desired room temperature setting.

Earth Sense Offers a Specialty Harman Scraper. Specifically designed to clean 100% better with 50% less force. Perfectly angled with a hardened steel tip guaranteed to never crack, bend, dull or wear. Stop busting your knuckles using the factory arrow scraper and upgrade to the best!

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