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Harman Stove Control Circuit Board Fuse Replacement

Welcome Back to Pellet Tech 101!

In today’s video we cover inspection and replacement of the Harman Stove Control/Circuit Board Fuse. Most Harman Pellet, Corn and Coal stove models will have a very similar access to the control board fuse as we show in the Harman Accentra video here. Knowing how to properly and safely access this fuse for inspection and/or replacement may come in handy down the line.

Depending on the Harman model, different fuse sizes and amperage ratings will vary a bit. It’s import that you inspect and read the details on the fuse for certainty on replacement. If you are have questions regarding the correct fuse for your model just leave us a comment below, we are happy to assist and guide you in the right direction.

If you come across a blown fuse or repeated blown fuses, it’s important to take a closer look at why the fuse may be blowing. Thorough inspection of the circuit board, wiring and outlet is a great place to start; always check the simple things first. Make sure your stove is off and unplugged anytime you are working within the circuitry of the stove.

We always recommend that a surge protector is in place between the stove power cord and wall outlet. Your surge protector should be a minimum rating of 1000 Joules for pellet, corn and coal stoves, fireplace inserts, furnaces and boilers.

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