Winslow PS40 Stove Blower Fan Motor Cleaning & Replacement

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In today’s video we cover removal, cleaning and replacement of the Convection Blower, Distribution Fan Room-Air Motor in the Winslow PS40. Many Pellet, Corn, Wood & Coal Stoves will use a similar ‘snail style’ blower motor. Keeping up with routine maintenance is key in maximizing your heat output and overall efficiency.

For maximum efficiency and overall lifespan of the blower motor, we want to be cleaning this blower on a regular basis regardless of what kind of stove you have. Cleaning out the blower fins and removing dust, hair and other debris will keep the motor running in balance with proper CFM air-flow. We recommend inspecting and cleaning the blower at least once per year. If you have pets or the stove is located in an area where there is heavy dust or debris, we recommend inspecting it more frequently to maximize your efficiency output.

Some blowers require lubrication, others are sealed bearing and require no lubrication. It’s important to look at the motor label to determine if oiling is required. If oiling is required, the motor will either have oil ports or will be lubricated at the top spindle. It’s important to never over lubricate a motor; we recommend a sewing machine oil for best results.

Replacement Winslow PS40 Reference

Replacement Winslow PI40 Reference

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