How to Replace The Harman Direct Drive Auger Feed Motor

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In today’s video we cover removal and replacement of the Harman auger feed motor. This video will go through replacement of the direct drive Harman auger motor. Depending on the year and model Harman you have some will have a direct drive feed system and some will have a chain driven feed system. If you have a Harman with a chain drive feed system, click here.

The Harman line of pellet, corn and coal stoves have a unique feed system to other manufacturers and models. Understanding how the Harman feed system works and how to replace the auger motor yourself can save you time and money.

The majority of auger motors including Harman auger motors are sealed bearing and do not require lubrication. We do recommend periodic inspection at least once per season to clean off any dust, hair or debris that has accumulated on or around the auger motor. Generally when the auger motor needs to be replaced it will let you know; noisy, inconsistent feed, or no fuel feed at all. If you want to isolate and test your auger motor to ensure replacement is the fix you can click here.

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