How To Replace a Harman Combustion Blower, Exhaust Fan Draft Motor

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In today’s video we cover removal and replacement of the Harman combustion blower, also referred to as the Exhaust Fan or Draft Motor. Almost all Harman pellet, corn and coal stoves will use the same combustion blower; placement may vary depending on the model. Over the years there have been changes to the design of the combustion blower; some early models had duel impeller cages. The current combustion blower design replaces almost all of the previous; if you have questions on your model and the correct replacement you can leave a comment or contact us for assistance.

The Harman line of pellet, corn and coal stoves have a unique combustion blower to other manufacturers and models. Understanding how the Harman combustion blower works and how to replace this motor and fan paddle yourself can save you time and money.

Harman OEM combustion blowers are needle point sealed ball bearing; known for their quietness and longevity. Many aftermarket motors are sealed as well, however it is important to look at the motor label to determine if the motor needs seasonal lubrication. All motors and fan paddles should be inspected and cleaned of any soot, dust or debris on a regular basis for peak performance and sustained longevity.  When combustion blowers reach the end of their life cycle, you will often notice noises from the motor, improper voltage and RPM output, and/or the motor completely failing. If you want to isolate and test your combustion blower motor to ensure replacement is the fix you can click here.

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