Harman Accentra Cast Combustion Baffle Plate & Heat Exchangers Cleaning & Maintenance

Harman Accentra Cast Combustion Baffle Plate & Heat Exchangers Cleaning & Maintenance

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In today’s video we are working with the Harman Accentra Cast FS model. We’ll cover tips and tricks on removing the combustion blower/exhaust fan baffle plate and heat exchanger baffle removal. Additionally we’ll provide an overview on best practices for cleaning and maintenance in these areas. If you have questions or need assistance you can leave a comment or contact us for help.

The Harman Accentra Cast FS has always been a top selling pellet stove providing high efficiency, quiet performance and stylish cast iron appeal. The Accentra has a unique combustion blower baffle and heat exchange panels. Understanding how to properly remove these baffles while providing confidence in your regular cleaning and maintenance can save you time and money.

As ash accumulates on the heat exchangers it acts as an insulator lowering the output efficiency of your stove. Based on the pellets you are burning and the frequency of use will determine how often you should be inspecting and cleaning the heat exchange area. The cleaner we are able to keep the heat exchange tubes, the more heat we will have coming into the room maximizing our fuel efficiency. Make sure the stove is off and cool while cleaning these areas. We highly recommend the use of drop cloths, dust masks, and an ash vacuum for quick and safe cleanup.

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