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Harman Stove Auger Feed Shaft Replacement

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In today’s video we are working with the Harman Feed System. We’ll cover tips and tricks on removing the Harman auger fuel feed shaft. Harman pellet, corn and coal stoves will have varying types of auger shafts depending on the model and year of manufacture. Heatilator Eco-Choice Furnace and Boiler models will also use this type of auger shaft. Feel free to browse below and if you have questions or need assistance you can leave a comment or contact us for help.

The Harman line has a unique feed system from most other makes and models on the marketplace. The bottom feed system is designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing burn pot maintenance. In the event your auger shaft requires replacement, understanding how to properly remove and replace the auger shaft can save you time and money.

Overtime the auger shaft flights can wear causing slop or play within the feed shaft tube. As this happens it can effect consistency in fuel feed as well as contribute to auger jams. The auger bearing is built into the Harman auger shaft. This is a sealed bearing design and as the bearings get worn out the auger shaft will have a tendency to have a high pitch whine or squeal when feeding or under load.

Helpful Suggestions

  1. We suggest allowing your hopper to run completely empty after each ton of fuel goes through. This will minimize the sawdust accumulation at the bottom of the hopper reliving additional strain on the auger shaft. You can use an ash vacuum to clean out any remaining sawdust.
  2. Other than periodically cleaning out the hopper, no additional maintenance or lubrication is required for the Harman auger shaft.
  3. Always pay attention when adding pellet fuel to ensure no foreign materials are added to the hopper
  4. If your pellets have gotten wet or accumulated moisture and are swelled, do not add them to the fuel hopper. They can easily bind and jam the auger shaft putting added pressure on the auger motor.

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