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Green Mountain Grills, GMG Trek Prime Cleaning & Maintenance

Welcome Back to Pellet Tech 101!

In today’s video we cover general cleaning and maintenance on the GMG Trek Prime pellet grill smoker. We’ll go over tips and tricks for cleaning the exterior, cooking grates, grease drip baffle, fire shield, and burn pot. With the right tools and information, general cleaning of your Green Mountain Grills Trek is strait forward, painless, and efficient. Keeping your grill clean will ensure better start-ups with better cooks and less headaches.

Routine cleaning and maintenance on the GMG grills will keep your grill looking sharp and running smooth year round. Feel free to browse some of our accessories below and if you have questions or need assistance you can leave a comment or contact us for help.

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Helpful Suggestions

  1. We recommend exterior grill cleaning with a warm soapy cloth or sponge every time you finish using the grill.
  2. We suggest cleaning of the interior grease drip baffle, fire baffle, and burn pot after burning 20-40lbs of hardwood pellet fuel.
  3. Cooking grates can be cleaned and brushed off with each grilling session or after multiple grilling sessions; whatever suits your fancy!
  4. The more frequent we are with our cleaning and maintenance the less time it takes with a longer life expectancy on all components.

cleaning tools & Top accessories

  1. Protective gloves
  2. Warm soapy sponge or cloth
  3. Paper towels
  4. Grill brush and scraper tool
  5. Ash vacuum
  6. Floor covering such as cardboard


grease drip tray foil liners
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