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Pellet & Corn Stove Technical Service Forum

Earth Sense offers one of the most comprehensive and active service forums for pellet and corn stoves, inserts, furnaces, and boilers. By structuring our service forums through our YouTube channel, you can discover videos and information on a vast array of questions, topics, tech support, and DIY. With over 1 million channel views our videos are chock-full with comments, suggestions, and service tips from folks all around the world. Earth Sense has revolutionized the service forum community by offering professional tech support through our YouTube channel. No longer will you wait days, weeks, or months before receiving a response to your question; leave us a comment and we’re on it with immediacy.

Who We are

Earth Sense has been in business more than 30 years specializing in pellet stoves with over 200+ years of combined tech support staff. We may not be familiar with every make and model out there, but we have carried and serviced hundreds of pellet and corn stoves from dozens of manufacturers. We strive to provide information and support to the best of our abilities steering you in the right direction. Service issues, problems, and troubleshooting are challenging enough, let us assist you in finding the solution quicker.

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In addition to pellet and corn stove service videos, how-to instructional videos, and technical information, you will discover videos for the GMG grills and product reviews. New videos are published to the channel regularly and we are always open to suggestions for new videos. Review through the comments and threads in videos of interest to you and engage directly with us and others around the globe.

Most Popular

We have more videos on Harman stoves than any other, however you will find great resource videos on Quadra-Fire, St. Croix, Lennox, Whitfield, and more. Our most popular videos will cover stove door gasket replacement, replacing a Harman igniter, creating a jumper wire to test safety sensors, pressure/vacuum switch overview, and testing your stove ignition element.

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  • Dennis Moore says:

    Can I get some help w combustion motor on st croix york continued running after pellets have run out and stove should shut down
    Thanks for any thoughts
    Dennis Moore

    • Pellet Head says:

      Thanks for the message Dennis, happy to help. St. Croix will have a low limit proof of fire switch mounted on the housing of the combustion fan which shuts off the combustion fan once it cools down below set temperature. In earlier St. Croix models with the rocker switch control board, if the stove runs out of pellets the combustion fan will continue to run. Is this something that just started happening with your York Insert? If you shut the unit down by turning to off, does the combustion blower shut down once cool? Happy to assist. Here is the low limit proof of fire switch for reference.

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