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GMG Peak Grill Review

Kick your taste buds into a new dimension! Expert grilling enthusiasts will enjoy smoking with the GMG Peak grill. Providing the perfect grilling experience for family gatherings, the Peak grill by GMG can cook just about anything. Here are just some reasons to choose the GMG Peak grill.

  • Coming with new features like the collapsible front shelf, interior grill light, rotisserie enabled mounting, and more reinforced grates, the Peak model provide a more efficient grilling experience.
  • The 658 square inches of grill space allows you to cook a dozen racks of ribs to a small whole hog.
  • You can control the temperature of your grill with ease, thanks to GMG Smart Control.

Shop all Peak grills online at Earth Sense Energy Systems! The GMG Peak grill is comparable to the similar, now discontinued, Jim Bowie. Read our overall GMG grill review here.

Product Overview

With grilling season nearly here, you’ll want to invest in a grill that is reliable and easy to use. The GMG Peak grill provides grilling enthusiasts with smarter and stronger technology, for a better smoking experience.

Powered by pellets, your GMG Peak grill comes with 12V direct power, a digital controller, auger system, pellet hopper, WiFi Smart Control, and a large surface cooking area. Not only that, but this grill provides grill and pellet view windows to help you check on your food and monitor your pellet supply.

GMG Peak Black & Stainless Steel Models

Currently, Green Mountain Grills is offering black and stainless steel models of the Peak. These large grills are perfect for any family gathering or party.

The Peak models come with a collapsible front shelf, interior grill light, rotisserie enabled mounting, and improved, reinforced grates.

GMG Peak Prime Plus Black

Peak Black

Peak Stainless Steel

Why Choose the GMG Peak Grill?

So why opt for a pellet smoker? A leader in the pellet grill industry, Green Mountain Grills is a well-known brand with commitment to quality, standing behind their pellet grill products. Serious grillers should weigh all their options while shopping for the best pellet grill and smoker. Check out all the reasons why you should invest in a GMG Peak grill:

  • A trusted brand that outperforms many others in the industry
  • Wide cooking range, exceptional quality, and awesome, robust flavors
  • WiFi controller (control on either iOS or Android app)
  • Updated Peak models come with a collapsible front shelf, interior lighting, rotisserie enabled mounting, and improved grates
  • Comparable with very similar features to the now discontinued Jim Bowie.

Key Features:

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Watts: 2W-165W
  • Surface Cooking Area: 658 sq. inches
  • Grease Tray: 12 Gauge Steel
  • Lid: 13 Gauge Steel
  • Lid SS: 14 Gauge Steel
  • Body: 14 Gauge Steel
  • Igniter: 12V; 100W
  • Height of Cooking Surface to Lid:5” clearance
  • Hopper Capacity (pellet lbs): 18 lbs
Trek Ledge Peak Grills
GMG Ledge (left), Trek (center), and Peak (right) Grills

Why Green Mountain Grills?

So why opt for a Green Mountain Grill? GMG grills, including the Peak models, are equipped with 12V direct power, a digital controller, and well-designed auger system, firebox, and pellet hopper.

Read an overall review here for info on the GMG grilling experience.

12V Direct Power

Powered by 12V direct power, the GMG Peak has the most safe and efficient power consumption. The 12V power also provides faster startups, and improved pellet fuel economy.

Digital Controller

Green Mountain Grill’s digital controller allows the user to easily control and monitor your grill through the iOS or Android app. With it, you can easily adjust your grill’s temperature from anywhere between 150°F to 550°F.

The digital controller for the GMG Peak also includes a WiFi Smart Control, dual meat probes, and a USB charging port.

Auger System

Next is the auger system. For best performance, GMG’s auger systems on their pellet grills ensure that you get the smoothest and most consistent feed of pellets onto the fire. The auger system on the Peak grill includes a micro-adjusted variable speed fan and motor to maintain a more improved feed of oxygen and pellets through the auger and into the firebox.


Within the GMG Peak grill, a motor turns the auger, which then feeds the pellets into the firebox. The Venturi-style firebox is lined with vertical vents, which creates a burn pot circulation of air flow to help obtain maximum heat and thorough combustion of the pellets with very little waste. A heat shield also creates an even distribution of the heat and smoke throughout the grill’s chamber.

Pellet Hopper

With an 18-pound pellet capacity, the pellet hopper on the GMG Peak grill has a pellet view window so that you can easily view the pellet usage. In addition, the pellet hopper comes standard with a door on the back for easy cleaning.

Robust Wood Flavor

The Peak grill by Green Mountain Grills provides plenty of cooking space where you can BBQ, smoke, roast, sear, or bake anything you want. Expect awesome flavors as you grill and smoke your beef, pork, seafood, pizza, vegetables, and even pies.

Need ideas for what to grill next? Be sure to check out our recipes and get started with grilling with your GMG Peak!

GMG Peak Grill Review: In Summary

When it comes to pellet-powered grills, Green Mountain Grills is your best choice. It’s the perfect solution for backyard barbecues, family reunions, and any get-together where you need a lot of food. With lots of cooking space, you can comfortable grill tons of burgers, or a small hog. With great product design, excellent temperature control, WiFi technology, and bold flavors, you’ll love your new GMG Peak grill!

Looking for a different model instead of the Peak? Try our main pellet grills page. We also offer GMG pellet grill parts and accessories.

Questions? Contact Earth Sense Energy Systems at (800) 236-6647 today. It’s time to kick your taste buds into a new dimension!

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