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GMG Grill Review

Today, I want to compare the pros and cons of each of the Green Mountain Grills pellet grill models. Currently, GMG is offering the GMG Trek, Peak, and Ledge models. They also have updated their Davy Crockett grill with all new features.

I personally own a couple of these grills and absolutely love them. I’ll go over all the reasons why this is a great brand in this GMG grill review.



Green Mountain Grills are powered by several well-designed features. These include an:

  • Auger motor which turns the auger and feeds pellets to the firebox,
  • Heat rod which ignites those pellets,
  • Micro-adjusted, variable-speed combustion fan to maintain temperature, and
  • Venturi-style firebox to circulate the smoke and fire throughout the grill.


There are many pros to owning a Green Mountain Grill pellet grill over other grills. GMG grills come with WiFi Smart Control, which means that you can easily adjust temperature and monitor your grill safely while on-the-go.

Green Mountain Grill’s Smart Control makes it easy for me to adjust the temperature anywhere from 50°F to 550°F with a five degree increment control.

Powered By Hardwood Pellets for A Bold, Unique Flavor

One of my favorite reasons to choose pellet grills is that they are pellet-powered, which results in a bold flavor. You have many options of pellets, including apple, cherry, hickory, and mesquite that can alter the flavor slightly to get the desired taste you’re looking for. 

GMG grills are an excellent choice if you want to experience a delicious natural hardwood flavor with your meat, pizza, or vegetables.

Trek GMG Grill Review

GMG Grill Review: Trek

If you’re looking for a small, portable grill, I highly recommend taking a serious look at the GMG Trek grill. This grill is the perfect solution for a camping trip, beach cookout, tail-gate party, or 4th of July get-together. Read the GMG Trek review here.


The Trek sits at about 24″h x 32″l x 16″d on short, sturdy legs. This compact size makes it perfect for taking with you on a camping trip or to a sports game. If desired, you can put the grill on the cart accessory for a backyard barbeque. This extension puts the grill at about 43.5″h x 37.5″l x 23.5″d.

Trek Specs:

  • Great, compact grill for transportation and sturdy build with short legs
  • Features cart accessory to place grill on to make grill taller if needed
  • Improved heavier and overall sturdier cooking grates
  • Improved fire baffle adjustability
  • Updated thermal sensor
  • Runs on 12 voltage power for your convenience 

The main drawback to the GMG Trek is that it’s relatively bulky. If the pellet hopper is full (can hold up to 9 pounds of pellets), it can make your grill a bit on the heavy side to transport.

GMG Grill Review: LEDGE

Looking for a larger grill for your backyard barbeque? This workhorse can cook just about anything on its 458 square inch cooking area.

I highly recommend this grill if you’re looking for a cost-effective, pellet-powered backyard smoker. What I love about the Ledge grills is that they’ve got 12V direct power, a pretty large cooking space, a collapsible front shelf, an interior grill light, rotisserie-enabled mounting, and all new grill and pellet view windows for better viewability and ease of cleaning.

As with the Trek, you can easily monitor and control your grill while you are in the house or on-the-go, thanks to GMG’s Smart Control technology.


The Ledge measures approximately 52″h x 52″w x 34″d. It’s a great size for any backyard party or family reunion.

LEDGE Specs:

  • 12V direct power for more efficient power consumption and startups
  • WiFi Smart Control digital controller that makes it easy to increment by 5 degrees between 150°-550°F; whether you’re standing in front of the grill, inside the house, or on-the-go.
  • The auger system is powered by a micro-adjusted variable speed fan and motor to maintain a balance of oxygen and pellets through the auger and into the firebox.
  • The pellet hopper has an 18 pound capacity and comes standard with a pellet door.
  • The firebox features a Venturi-style design that helps to distribute heat and improve combustion of the pellets. Little to no waste here with the GMG Ledge firebox.
Ledge GMG Grill Review
Peak GMG Grill Review

GMG Grill Review: PEAK

GMG’s largest pellet grill right now is their Peak model. Bigger and bolder, this is the perfect choice if you grill often for larger gatherings, you grill meat just about every weekend, or if you like to cook turkey, chickens, or a whole small hog.

The GMG Peak is the improvement on the older, now discontinued Jim Bowie model. If you’re looking for a huge backyard grill to cook meat on, look no further than this large smoker to cook your meats for all your football parties and backyard barbeques.


GMG Peak measures 52″h x 63″w x 34″d. The cooking surface area is huge, with about 658 square inches available for you to cook a dozen racks of ribs, to a large bird or hog.

Peak Specs:

  • The GMG Peak grill is powered by 12V for more efficient power consumption and overall better startup.
  • Thanks to Green Mountain Grills’ WiFi Smart Control digital controller, you can simply increment by 5 degrees between 150°-550°F so that you can get other things done while waiting for your food to cook.
  • The auger system is controlled by a micro-adjusted variable speed fan and motor to improve the oxygen and flow of pellets.
  • 18 pounds of pellets can be contained in our improved pellet hopper. The hopper is easy to clean and it also features a pellet door to make cleaning simpler.
  • For improved heat distribution, GMG also designed the firebox with a Venturi-style. This helps to also improve the combustion of the pellets.

GMG Grill Review: Davy Crockett

Green Mountain Grills has improved the Davy Crockett grill. I’ve personally cooked on this grill for years now and love it.

I highly recommend the Davy Crockett because of its portability. For example, I can quickly fold the legs to make it easy to take it with me on camping or sports events. It weighs about 68 pounds, so it’s not too bad for a grilling enthusiast to carry around. It also runs on 12 volts like the other GMG models, which is really practical.


The Davy Crockett pellet grill, when the legs are open are 32″h x 34″l x 25″d. With the legs closed, we’ll have about 20.25″h x 34″l x 18″d. The dimensions are very close to the GMG Trek.

Davy Crockett Specs:

  • Powered by 12V or 110AC, making it perfect for a camping trip, grilling on the beach, on your patio, or at a tailgating party.
  • Grill weighs 68 pounds, making it easy to transport.
  • Easy, on-the-go temperature control via WiFi Smart Control
  • Powered by pellets. Bold, rich flavor. Can choose from hickory, apple, cherry, pecan, alder, and mesquite, etc..
  • The GMG Davy Crockett will help you to save on fuel cost, compared with propane or charcoal grills.
GMG Davy Crockett Grill Review

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