Pellet Fuel Hopper Tips & Priming the Auger

One of our customers, Mario, has a 1994 Austroflamm Integra. He was experiencing pellets sticking to the side of the hopper and the auger shaft running itself completely dry of fuel. Several stove makes and models can have a similar issue, here are a couple tips to try and Mario’s original inquiry below.


  • Pellets sticking to the hopper: There are some models that are notorious for this. My personal suggestion would be to get Triple 0 steel wool (the finest they have) and ‘buff’ the inside of the hopper. The smoother you can make it the better the pellets will slide. Believe it or not, waxing it actually creates the opposite effect. Try getting that surface as silky smooth as possible.


  • When it funnels and goes out: Yes, when pellets stick to the side and it funnels like that it will feed the remaining fuel from the auger shaft and then go out. That auger shaft is close to 12” long and can take awhile to ‘Prime’ it. TIP: Once the fire is lit, toss an extra handful of pellets in the firepot. Most of the time one handful is enough, but sometimes two are needed. As the fire continues to burn the auger will continue to run and ‘Prime’ the auger shaft back up with fuel. Once you see pellets falling in the firepot from the auger you can stop throwing pellets in the firepot to keep it going.


Hello Taylor,

I got my 1994 AustroFlamm Integra f/s working great.  I’m using a 1.1 rpm auger motor which works great and the owners manual says that this is the correct speed.

Man this thing throws some serious heat!  I’m having two minor problems.

One the pellets stick to the sides of the hopper and the stove runs out of fuel when there are still pellets left in the hopper.  My last stove didn’t do this so much.  I tried waxing the sides of the hopper and it didn’t help.

And two, after running out of pellets the stove doesn’t start right away.  The light blinks fast, and it seams to have to go through some cycle that lasts about half an hour before the auger comes back on.  Someone suggested that this is called logic lock.  Is there anyway around this?  Its painful to give up a half hour of heat especially when its cold outside!

  • Mark says:

    Before using steel wool, I use a single edge razor & scrape all the residue off the inside of the hopper. Then I use my glass cleaner to clean the hopper. Finally, I use the steel wool.

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