St Croix Stove #2 Blinking Light Error Code

If you have a St Croix Pellet or Corn Stove with the digital LED control board, there is a diagnostics feature built in to help troubleshoot in the event of an issue. This blog post will cover the #2 blinking light and some things you can check if this happens on your stove.

If the #2 light is blinking that would be indicating a Vacuum/Pressure Switch error. Some things to check when you are seeing the #2 vacuum switch error LED.

  1. Ash build-up. If the stove senses restriction with air flow it will trip the vacuum switch. Check your exhaust vent pipe, exhaust motor housing, underneath the burnpot, and ash traps in the unit.
  2. Leaky gasket seal. If the door or ash pan gasket seal is not making good contact, it will sense a vacuum loss in the stove and trip the vacuum switch. Use a dollar bill, place half in the door and half out, close the door, and then pull on the dollar bill. Should be heavy resistance. Check in multiple spots around the door and ash pan. You may also want to check your exhaust motor gasket. If the exhaust motor is removed at any point for cleaning or service, a new gasket needs to be in place.
  3. Exhaust/Combustion Motor. If the exhaust motor is not running properly or at proper voltage it will not lock in the vacuum switch. Make sure the motor and housing is clean. If you have a voltage meter you can also check the voltage of the motor when in operation. During start-up the motor should be very close to line voltage.
  4. Faulty vacuum switch or tubing. It’s possible that the vacuum switch itself is faulty and/or the tubing to the vacuum switch needs to be replaced. Inspect the tubing to ensure there are no breaks or cracks. Inside the vacuum switch is a diaphragm that opens and closes with pressure; over the years this can stop functioning as it normally should.

Always important to check the simple things first. Earth Sense offers and stocks all replacement parts for the St Croix line of stoves at the guaranteed lowest price with the fastest shipping. Please Contact Us for assistance.

  • ronda l bond says:

    mine makes a weird noise and makes the blower fan go intermittely before proof of fire. the on light and the auger lights go kinda crazy(on and off). Then the blower motor kicks on then #2 light starts blinking!! I bought a control board from you several years ago, also last year bought and installed a blower motor, worked good for a while. I am stumped. new control board???

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:

      The control board sends powers to a limit switch (convection switch) also known as a snap disc, which in turn closes and allows power to travel on down to the blower fan once the switch closes. This switch could be faulty and therefore opening and closing intermittently. This could cause erratic blower behavior. They are heat sensitive and do fail over time. Also possible it could be the board itself.

  • Sean says:

    I sucked everything out of my 12 year old St.Croix Auburn yestrerday with my leaf blower… I have been dealing with a rich burning condition this year.. After an hour of the stove running, everything inside turned black with soot. Couldn’t set my stove past setting #3 or else the limit would open. Cleaned up the entire stove and left the ash bin and baffle out. Got my leaf blower ready, went downstairs turned the stove on. Ran back up, started up my leaf vac and sucked ALL of the soot and ash out of the stove from the vent(outside). Now remember, I had already cleaned up the normal front portion of the stove and it was all clean… When I hooked the leaf blower up to the vent, Soot BLEW out of the leaf blower for at least 10-15 seconds & then followed by the ash. Ash was spewing out of the leaf blower for 20-30 seconds… Be careful, I live in the country. My neighbors are a couple hundred feet away. In doing this procedure, I created a cloud that hovered a bit in the neighborhood but it was a windy day so… I also recommend a N95 dust mask when you are doing this. My flame went from BIG & Lazy to small & sharp. An immediate difference! When I went down this morning to drop the ash and reload the hopper, The stove had ZERO soot! & now is burning very lean! I am going to have to close my intake baffle/damper a bit! It has been 100% open for a couple years now.. Thanks Mr.Pellethead!!! What a great site! I have told my wood stove buddies!!!

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:

      Hey Sean, Thanks so much for the message! So glad to hear everything is working well again and you have a nice, tight, crisp and torchy flame again. This will provide higher efficiency and less routine maintenance. In many cases, ash gets trapped in areas of the stove that can be very difficult or near impossible to access – Back firewall, upper heat exchange tube area cavities and exhaust manifold. The leafblower vac can do a great job with sucking this accumulated and unseen ash out of the stove & venting. If you have a second person, it also helps to turn the stove on while the leafblower is running – get the combustion fan moving, open and close the door to create additional pressure, and move the heat exchange cleaner rod if applicable with your stove. Like you mentioned Sean, there is generally going to be quite the cloud that comes out of the Exhaust vent. Important that the windows to the home are shut, you’re wearing some kind of a protective mask, no clothes hanging on the line outside, and that you try to direct it vertical, especially if you have neighbors nearby. It is truly one of the best cleaning tools you can use, and our service team uses it on every call and annual maintenance program. Here’s a link to the leafblower/vac we offer incase anyone else wants to check it out

      Thanks again Sean!

      Any future questions or needs just give us a shout.


  • Johanna Bartlett says:

    I just received the pressure switch. Now when I turn it on a motor starts but the augers is not putting pellets down and shuts off within a minute it turns off. Help

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:


      To better assist we need some further information. Can you tell us the model St croix you have and if it has a touch pad or rotarty turn knob control board.

      There are many factors that can trip a pressure switch. Important to check-

      1. Door and Ashpan gasket seals
      2. Ash build-up in the stove and exhaust vent pipe
      3. Combustion fan operation

      Happy to help. Let us know as much information as possible.


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