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Pellet Storage Tips

As a pellet grilling enthusiast, you should know how to properly store pellets for the BEST results!

At Pellet Head, not only are we the country’s largest pellet stove and grill dealer, but we are also passionate about quality grilling and pellet stoves, and have lots of experience individually.

Here are our best pellet storage tips and recommendations for wood pellet storage:

Store Your Pellets in a Dry Place

If you are the proud new owner of a pellet stove or grill, you’ll need to ensure that the place you are storing your pellets is free from moisture!

Moisture can:

  • Negatively affect the burn quality of the pellets
  • Throw off the internal temperature of your stove or grill
  • Can even cause the pellets to not ignite at all.

Wood Pellet Storage

Indoor Wood Pellet Storage

If you are storing your pellet fuel in the basement or garage, we recommend using 2×4’s to keep the bags off of the cement floor. Also, be sure there is spacing from the cement wall. Pellets can pull and absorb moisture from the cement and swell up.

Please note: *Be sure to never put swelled or wet pellets in your stove’s hopper. Humidity or moisture in the air will not hurt your pellet fuel, and bulk fuel is fine being kept exposed. If the storage area is wet and damp to a point that moisture could physically drip, then we recommend covering your pellets appropriately.

Wood pellets have an infinite shelf life as long as they stay dry.

Outdoor Wood Pellet Storage

Are you storing your wood pellets outside?

If you store your pellets outside, with snow, rain, and plastic deterioration from the sun, it is important to check your pellets at least once a month.

To ensure best protection of your wood pellets, we are happy to provide extra cover bags if you need them.

Don’t Store Your Pellets Near Heat/Flames!

If you are storing your wood pellets in a garage, please ensure that you use caution and AVOID storing them near high heat. Wood pellets are very flammable when exposed to high levels of heat or fire, even when sealed in the bag they came in.

Uncle Jed's Remedy Pellets

Using Pellet Bags

It is absolutely fine to store your wood pellets in the original pellet bags they came in. Just ensure that they are sealed tight, and are stored in a cool and dry place in your basement, garage, closet, shed, etc. Storing your pellets in bags is affordable and easy.

Please note however, that pellet bags are not completely immune to spills, humidity, or an accidental puncture of the bag material. It’s also worth noting that pellet bags also aren’t always the easiest to pour or scoop from.

Using Pellet Storage Buckets

Alternatively, many pellet grill owners prefer to use a pellet bucket. With the sealable lid and cool, dry interior, pellet buckets are a favorite. It’s much easier to scoop pellets out of a 5 gallon bucket. In addition, pellet storage buckets are affordable, airtight, and even waterproof. They can even conserve on space in your basement or garage because they’re easy to stack!

Scooping Pellets

Common Pellet Storage FAQs

How Long Can You Store Wood Pellets?

Pellets can last up to 6 months or so as long as they are kept in a low-moisture environment. However, if there is a lot of humidity where they are being stored, you can expect them to last anywhere from 1 to 3 months.

Can you store bags of wood pellets outside?

Yes, you can store wood pellets outside – either in buckets, or in pellet bags that are raised up from the ground. Remember to check them monthly to ensure they stay dry and in good condition for best ignition results.

Can you store wood pellets in a plastic container?

Yes, but be sure to choose both a moisture-proof AND air-tight container to limit the amount of moisture that is absorbed. You can also use a metal container, again, as long as it is properly sealed.


In a nutshell, be sure to store your pellets in a dry, low moisture, and low heat area.

There are many different types of pellets you can store for your pellet grill or stove. Wood pellet flavors include mesquite, hickory, apple, cherry, pecan, and others. At Earth Sense Energy Systems, we have created our own wood pellet brand, Uncle Jed’s Cold Remedy, and also Green Mountain Grills, Easy Heat, and Marth wood pellets. Check out all our pellets here.

For questions about shopping, how to store your wood pellets, and more, please contact us here, or give us a call directly at 1 (800) 236-6647.

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