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The Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon AE is one of Quadra-Fire’s best selling models. Earth Sense stocks virtually all parts for the Quadra-Fire line including the MTV AE models. With one of the strongest certified tech teams in the Country, we are confident we can assist providing the professional expertise and parts needed should you require service assistance on your model. Browse Quadra-Fire Parts

Robert Writes In: 

I’m having some issues with the thermostat which goes back to the “wake up screen” or other error messages. If I unplug the stove it seems to solve it. Just wondering if this is a common issue and whether there is an updated model or something else going on with the stove?

Mr. Pellethead Replies: 

The issue here is likely as simple as the thermostat wire connections.  Three wire system, Red and Green are for power and White is for communication between the wall control and main board.  Dashes in the upper left screen would indicate problems with the white wire connections.  Cycling the wakeup screen is a loose connection of the red or green or both wires.  The interruption could be the crimped connectors at the stove terminal block or the connections inside the wall control.  Could also be a pinch of the t-stat wire between the wall control and the stove.

  • dgmoore says:

    My Quadrafire Mt Vernon AE stove has been great for the past ten years even though I’ve had to replace everything from the baffle and firepot to the auger assembly. My problems have been in finding listed Quadrafire parts by the part number. The ash drawer catches were worn out and none were to be found except at a local hardware store. Now, I can’t find a dealer who can assure me that the door rope gasket, p.n. SRV7034-177 is correct for my stove. Can I always trust the manufacturer’s part number?

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:

      Thanks for contacting us, happy to assist.

      Although manufacturers change part numbers over the years, the earlier part number will always supersede. An Authorized dealer has access to the manufacturers database to look up any part number for any part or accessory ever used or sold. It surprises me that the dealer you mentioned couldn’t assure you of the part number for that gasket or ash drawer catches.

      Moving forward you can feel free to contact us regarding any needs or questions you may have. We are the largest dealer in the country of pellet stoves and of Quadra-Fire pellet stoves. Although we don’t have every Quadra-Fire part on our website yet, we are continually adding and we do stock virtually every single part for the Mt Vernon AE. So if you can’t find what you are looking for on our site, just drop us a message and we’ll get you fixed right up. We always guarantee the best prices and fastest shipping.

      Here is the Ash Drawer Roller Catch- https://pellethead.com/product/quadrafire-mt-vernon-ae-ash-pan-door-roller-catch-2-pack/

      Here is the OEM Door Gasket- https://pellethead.com/product/quadrafire-mt-vernon-ae-e2-edge-60-door-rope-gasket-oem/

      Here is the Aftermarket Door Gasket- https://pellethead.com/product/quadrafire-mt-vernon-ae-e2-edge-60-door-rope-gasket-kit-3-4-x-5/

      Any other questions please let us know, we are happy to help.


    • fred gagne says:

      Got a problem with my Mt VernonE2. Red light 4 x flash code. Feed motor doesn’t turn. Just try feed motor, vacuum switch from another stove and still nothing. Everything is clean…Don’t know what’s going on! Any tips or ideas?


      • pellethead_admin says:

        Thanks for contacting us Fred, happy to assist. The 4 Blink Red Light Code/flashes Indicates ‘Missed Ignition’. Here are some things to look at.

        1. Fuel Hopper Empty – Make sure the hopper has fuel
        2. Feed Motor Does Not Turn – Inspect Feed Motor Circuit (Hopper Lid Must Be Closed, Vacuum Switch Must Be Closed, Snap Disc Must Be Closed, and Feed Motor Must Be Plugged in). Ensure there are no jams in the feed tube.
        3. Dirty Appliance – Clean Unit Including the Firepot, Exhaust Path and Venting System
        4. Igniter has no power or is defective – Check Igniter Lead Connections. You can also check the igniter with an Ohm meter to ensure it’s in proper range – https://youtu.be/z4wmCc96rVI
        5. Exhaust Probe Not Properly Installed – Secure exhaust probe to exhaust blower housing – Keeping its wire away from hot surfaces.
        6. Ignitor Chamber Plugged with Debris – Clean Ignitor Chamber Area.

        Let us know what you find here Fred, happy to assist however we can.

        Mr. Pellethead

  • Dustin heaton says:

    Ive lost fuel selections on my thermostat

  • Jeff Stutzke says:

    Had my Mt. Vernon about 6 years now…having the problem that it just shuts down un-expectantly…starts fine but when goes into Med, burn mode….boom…just shuts down. Tried all sorts of low hanging fruit replacement parts but now think its the control board…thoughts? Just a general comment…Pellet stoves are great when they work…until they don’t. They take lots of maintenance and even then, keep your fingers crossed that none of those moving parts goes out…ha. Can’t beat the good old fashioned wood stove….

    • pellethead_admin says:

      I can agree to an extent but just as with any other complex appliance there is maintenance that needs to be done. This holds true with wood stoves as well if you want the units to last. The issue that you describe sounds as though it might be a thermocouple error but there are further questions that I would have to narrow it down to the root problem. Feel free to reach out to our tech support department at (920)779-6647 ext:3721 and our tech support guy Greg is more than happy to help solve this issue.

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