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Robert Writes In: 

I’m having some issues with the thermostat which goes back to the “wake up screen” or other error messages. If I unplug the stove it seems to solve it. Just wondering if this is a common issue and whether there is an updated model or something else going on with the stove?

Mr. Pellethead Replies: 

The issue here is likely as simple as the thermostat wire connections.  Three wire system, Red and Green are for power and White is for communication between the wall control and main board.  Dashes in the upper left screen would indicate problems with the white wire connections.  Cycling the wakeup screen is a loose connection of the red or green or both wires.  The interruption could be the crimped connectors at the stove terminal block or the connections inside the wall control.  Could also be a pinch of the t-stat wire between the wall control and the stove.

  • Chuck keener says:

    Hi 6year old quadrature MT Vernon stove shut down last nite after working fine minutes before shutdown. Checked for green or red light nothing showing thought breaker. Breakers were fine . moved plug to another outlet green light came on. Tried to cycle through no pellets dropping motor runs green light stays on will not start up. Any ideas for possible fi,es

    • Pellet Head says:

      Thanks for contacting us Chuck, happy to help. Is this a Mt Vernon AE model or an original Mt. Vernon with the 4 speed control? I think first it will be important to check the outlet voltage and polarity to ensure electrical is correct coming to the unit. From there depending on your model we can help troubleshoot some possible things to look at. Feel free to message back here or call us at 800-236-6647.


  • Heath says:

    I have a MT Vernon and hadn’t used it all summer then noticed wall unit was not working. I checked everything and assumed it was faulty cause I had one go before. Now it’s hooked up and nothing! Before I buy a control board as suggested do you have any ideas?

    • Pellet Head says:

      Thanks for contacting us. I would suggest looking at the basics first. Double check the wall outlet and make sure that the voltage and polarity is correct. From there I would inspect the connections and wiring to the wall control as well as the control board/circuit board. Make sure everything appears to be connected securely and there are no issues with the wiring and wiring harnesses in the unit. Next let’s double check the fuse/s in the control/circuit board. Happy to help, keep us posted.


  • Scott White says:

    My Vernon AE saying jammed convection blower. Blower was getting noisy so I replaced it. Ran for a couple days and have the same jam error. Thinking the board is going. Anything I can check first?

    • Pellet Head says:

      Hey Scott,

      Thanks for contacting us. I have passed the message along to our lead tech to gain some greater insight; I will follow-up. In the meantime, double check the wire connections, double check the blower impeller to ensure nothing foreign got in there and it’s not stuck/jammed. With the stove off you should be able to move that impeller freely. From there do a hard reset by unplugging the stove and re-plugging in after 30 seconds – could be a fault error code. I’ll keep you posted with any further info from our tech team. Thanks!

  • Randy Bachman says:

    I have a Mt Vernon AE, The igniter went out and I replaced it. Now when I start the stove the pellets drop and I hear the exhaust fan running, no glow from the igniter and no fire. Where should I look to resolve this issue. Thanks

    • Pellet Head says:

      Thanks for contacting us Randy, happy to help. Let’s first start with the basics.

      1. Double check the electrical connections of the new igniter
      2. Double check the mount of the new igniter
      3. Double check the connection of the igniter wire harness to the control board
      4. Let’s check the ohms of the igniter to ensure the replacement is in proper range. If you put in the 380 Watt OEM Loop Igniter, Ohm Range is 35.5 – 43.5. Here’s an igniter blog for further info and Ohm reading outlines. https://pellethead.com/how-to-test-and-replace-a-stove-igniter-pellet-stove-ignition-troubleshooting/
      5. Let’s make sure the front firebox door and ash pan door are sealing well all the way around

      If we are still in the same position after these checks we can follow-up with some further technical insight and troubleshooting; just keep us posted.


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