QuadraFire 3 Speed Control Box Circuit Board Installation & Dial Setup

The Quadra-Fire 3 Speed Control Box is used on several models. Whether you have a Classic Bay 1200, 1200i, Contour, Castile, Castile Insert, Santa Fe or Santa Fe Insert, this will be the correct control board for your model. If you have a Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon 4 Speed model or if you have a Quadra-Fire 800, 1000 or 1100i you will require a different control box.

The video below here is designed to be a visual reference tool as you install and setup the programming dial correctly based on your model. If you need to purchase a new Quadra-Fire 3 Speed Control Box Please Click Here.

  • Craig says:

    I have a Santa Fe freestanding stove like to know what the settings are actually at six and seven on the computer box if that can be shown thank you

    • pellethead_admin says:

      Thanks for contacting us Craig. Here is the info from our technician in response to your question. There is a dial with a cutout at the base of it that will have numbers printed. Whatever number is in the cutout portion is the setting the board is on. Number 6 is the default setting for this model stove and #7 would be the +10% feed on start up setting. The other way to tell what setting the board is on is to watch for a blinking blue light when the stove is plugged in for the first minute. The light runs on a 10 sec cycle so it would blink 6 times and then pause 4 secs and then repeat for the first 60 seconds the stove is powered up. Hope this helps.

      Any other questions please let us know.


  • Will says:

    How does the diagnostic setting work? I haven’t found any answers on how to run the diagnostic setting but am curious.

    • pellethead_admin says:

      Hey Will,

      The diagnostic setting on the Quadra-Fire control box puts power to each of the circuits on the stove to check for faults or open circuits. The stove will not run on setting zero.

      Any other questions please let us know.

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