QuadraFire 3 Speed Control Box Circuit Board Installation & Dial Setup

The Quadra-Fire 3 Speed Control Box is used on several models. Whether you have a Classic Bay 1200, 1200i, Contour, Castile, Castile Insert, Santa Fe or Santa Fe Insert, this will be the correct control board for your model. If you have a Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon 4 Speed model or if you have a Quadra-Fire 800, 1000 or 1100i you will require a different control box.

The video below here is designed to be a visual reference tool as you install and setup the programming dial correctly based on your model. If you need to purchase a new Quadra-Fire 3 Speed Control Box Please Click Here.

  • Corey says:

    1200i. Unit powers on. Blue light is blinking correct for my unit. Exhaust motor does not power on. Jumped the motor and the motor is working fine.

    Does the vacuum switch work before or after the exhaust motor? If after, what could be causing this?

    • pellethead_admin says:

      Thanks for contacting us Corey, happy to help.

      The vacuum switch engages and locks in after the exhaust motor starts up and it senses proper pressure.

      I would suggest tracing the exhaust motor wires back to the junction box. Check all connections and if you have a multi-meter lets see if we can pinpoint where power is being lost. Could potentially be a wiring connection issue, junction box issue or control box issue being the motor works fine when running to direct power. Start with the basics and keep us posted. Thanks.

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