St Croix Control Board Functions, Operation and Diagnostic Error Codes

Over the years St Croix has had a number of different control boards. From the original rotary knob and rocker switch boards, to their digital LED touch pad control boards. St Croix’s latest digital control board replaces all previous digital control boards for their pellet and multi-fuel freestanding and insert stoves (The Revolution and SCF-050 Furnace models will have a different control board).

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Our first video here is designed to provide an overview on the features and functions of the digital control board.

Our second video below will provide an overview of the diagnostic error codes built in to the new digital control board.


  • Jamie Rademacher says:

    So we plugged in the old control board again and the fan works just fine for the room fan part that pushes the heat. But with the new control board it wont kick on at all. Faulty new part possible?

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:

      Thanks for contacting us Jamie, we saw both of your messages. Happy to help and get to the root of the issue here. What was the reason you purchased and exchanged out the control board? What was going on with the stove? There’s a possibility that there is an issue with the board, although rare it can happen, however we want to take a look at other potential issues that may be causing the problem here before determining that this is an issue with the new control board.

      Happy to help.

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