St Croix Digital Control Board – How to Program & Setup

The Newest Style St Croix Digital Control Board replaces the previous digital control boards used on both freestanding and insert pellet and corn stove models.

The SCF-050 and Revolution Furnace models will use a different control board. If you have an early St Croix with a rotary turn knob and rocker switch control board, you will require a retro-fit control board kit when replacing your control board. There are different kits based on the model and serial number. We do carry all St Croix control boards and kits; as with all of our parts we guarantee the lowest price with the fastest shipping. If you require assistance please contact us.

If you are replacing an existing digital control board in a freestanding or insert model St Croix, the programming of the board will need to be completed after it has been installed. The program will vary depending on your model and fuel type used.

The video here is designed to be a helpful visual guide as you set the programming on your new digital control board. If you need to purchase a new St Croix Digital Control Board Please Click Here.


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