The Cost and Benefits of Wood Pellet Fuel

Earth Sense has always tried to get the best pricing on pellets for our customers…in fact, we guarantee our customers the best pricing on pellets when comparing apples to apples.  Our goal has been to get customers to heat their homes for the least amount possible because we know if people are saving money while experiencing that warmth, they will be talking about it and telling their friends and neighbors about their amazing pellet stove.  We treat pellets for our customers as more of a service rather than a sale…what good is a pellet stove without pellets right?

What has been affecting the cost of our highly popular Uncle Jed’s Softwood pellets the most over the years is not the pellet itself, but rather the transportation costs.  This is one of the products brought to us via rail.  The only rail company that serves us is Canadian National (CN) and they determine the shipping costs.  What we have seen is an annual increase in shipping year after year which has caused the gradual rise in price over the 10 years we have been carrying this product.  Understanding that the price of our Uncle Jed’s has gone up, Earth Sense has tried to incorporate other products that are at a lower price point.  While not as popular because they do not burn as clean or as hot, the cheapest premium grade pellet we are offering during the spring of 2017 is actually the lowest price we have offered in 7 years.  At $147/ton, it would equate to $2.94/bag for our stove customers who participate in the Early Buy Buyers Club Program.

Although saving money is important, most of our customers have grown to love the heat they are getting from their pellet stove and realize that 70 degrees from a pellet stove is not the same as 70 from a gas furnace.  That constant, warm, surrounding heat of the pellet stove tends to grow on you and it is noticeable when it is not there.  I see that at my own house if I forget to fill the stove and come back with the furnace on…it just isn’t the same heat!

Earth Sense is always trying to do the right thing by our customers. Although there has been slight increases over the last 25 years in pellet fuel prices, it still remains the most stable heating fuel in history. Additionally burning pellet fuel helps to support jobs in North America, reduces waste from landfills, and does not contribute to Greenhouse gases helping to protect and save our environment.

  • Tom Pethke says:

    How much is a small pellet stove new and installed? Ripon WI . Just a rough guess please. Don’t want a sales pitch.

    • Earth Sense Energy System says:


      Thanks for contacting us. Wanted to make sure one of our sales associates has followed up with you here on your inquiry. If you need any further assistance please let us know. Happy to provide you insight and options as you explore the thoughts of getting a small pellet stove for your place in Ripon.


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