Green Mountain Grills, GMG Thin Blue Smoker Tube, Expandable BBQ Grill Smoke Tube, OEM

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Genuine OEM Green Mountain Grills Stainless Steel Expandable Thin Blue Smoker Tube. Guaranteed Best Price with the Fastest Shipping!


GMG Stainless Steel Expandable Thin Blue Smoker Tube

Genuine OEM Green Mountain Grills Accessory

Stainless Steel Expandable Thin Blue Smoker Tube

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1 Year Manufacturer Warranty



Overview This stainless steel expandable smoker tube allows you to turn any barbecue or grill into a smoker. Get real, authentic wood smoke flavor in an easy and affordable way. Pellets light easily with an inexpensive propane torch (not included) and burn for hours. You can smoke anything from cheese to steaks! Just place the smoker tube in your gas, charcoal or pellet grill, light the pellets and let it do the rest!
Size Fully expandable! Adjust from 11" to 18" to accommodate for different grill sizes and smoking duration.
Features Burns/Smokes for up to 5 hours. Durable Stainless Steel construction. Cold smoke cheese, seeds, nuts - Hot smoke steaks, chicken, pork, lamb, ham, fish, veggies; anything you can imagine!


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